Dan Marino’s Wife Claire Marino and his Love Child’s Mother Donna Savattere


  1. Eileen

    It’s time for you to get your millions and divorce Dan. This is as bad as it gets. No man is worth staying with that uses “hush” money to ignore his transgressions. You deserve better than that and he needs to be punished by the best thing that ever happened to him (you) leaving.

  2. Steve

    As a native Miamian… I use to respect Dan. But is he really any different than Tiger Woods… or Lance Armstong. He is/was a spokesman. He reported paid millions to the mother…just before his entry into the Hall of Fame. Now his family is out the millions…that he made his love child’s mother to keep quiet. I just hope that Claire will get 1/2 of what’s left of his millions… and get on with her life and find another man who can be honest and respect her and her children.

  3. Gianna

    This is so disgusting but then again it is not a shocker because trash is trash, always has been, and always will be. You must have not been taught right by your family and parents.

  4. Laura

    I was married to a NFL player for 17 yrs. In those 10 years of college and pros, I saw a lot of women chasing after these athletes even though they knew that these men were married. I thought it was just because they were athletes, but when we got out in the “real world”, it was still happening. Females are attracted to “power” and it doesn’t matter if they are the CEO, doctor, lawyer, minister, politican or athlete. The men get their ego’s stroked`…
    I give my respect (not sympathy) to Claire Marino and hopefully she will continue to keep her head held high. If she has chosen to forgive her husband and continue to keep her family together that is her right and her business. There is a seven yr. little girl who doesn’t care how she came in this world.

  5. SuperPhly

    Did you bother to look at Claire Marino? At best she’s a 5. She may have been hot stuff back in the 80’s but she’s JAG material now. Seriously, Google her.

  6. Solo

    Ohhhhhh nooooo, you lay on your back all day, while your man gets to get his body beat up… she lives off of it….. for free… the least she can do is fullfill one of his desires… please..

  7. Barb J.

    I don’t care how long they have been married or how many kids they have, she is a fool to stay with him. He has millions and she should have hit the road. He will cheat again but, the next time he just MIGHT use protection.
    She can say all she wants that she wants to be with him and they will work it out but, she will never forgive him and you can bet, his bed is cold at night.

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