John Madden’s Wife Virginia Madden


  1. Brian Murray

    The Win-Loss record he was checking was NOT his own… it was the Surgeon’s. I am sure it was a little bit of humor, but also very serious, at the same time. -Brian

  2. Lynda Williams (Clabor clan) Grife

    Miss Fields was my 4th grade & 6th grade teacher. The best teacher I ever had. Mr. Madden while recouping from an injury was our gym teacher at Orcutt Union Elementary School . I will never forget either of them. Mrs. Madden you made a great impact in my life and I so appreciate you. God’s best to you both.

  3. Richard Cornejo

    Aloha. Ms.Fields teacher 4th grade at Orcitt school. Coach Madden was our PE teacher and coach. I thought Ms. Fields was the prettiest woman i.jad ever seen. John was a giant. I remember you both well. Mahalo

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