Bobby Petrino’s mistress (?) Alison Melder


  1. jay dingle

    Miss Alison Melder was a weekly winner in Arkansas but was not Miss Bikini USA 2008. The winner Miss Bikini USA was Gia Allemand from the Bachlor.


  2. Correction

    Alison never claimed to be any of the above…. You guys and the Media gave her those titles… Ridiculous. you guys have such great knowledge of facts. NOT

  3. Mark

    A terrific job??? LOL Wow, I wish I had a sense of humor like that. OK, this is the FACTS. 1, Bo has did NOTHING for OFFENSE since he has been here. Barney Freeloader Cotton has NOT brguoht 1 single BLUE CHIP recruit since he’s been here, he has NOT improved our OL woes with penalties, has NOT gave our OL the AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDE it DESPERATELY needs. So basically he’s collecting HOW MUCH for doing NADA???2. He MADE a DL coach, that was worthless at his last job. Into a DC really??? When I read where he could have had LIGIT DC’s. Like Stoops, then I read where he could have gotten Osbourne’s OLD DC, BUT instead he MAKES this guy a DC, who has NO EXPERIENCE, NO SKILLS IN RECRUITING, and couldn’t even do his LAST JOB worth 10 cents. NOTICE how NU defensive staff started bailing out, like NU was the sinking like the TITANIC. That should be a WARNING LABEL right there. Beings, 1 of them WON’T join Bo, BUT joins his brother. The other guy joins a LOSING SQUAD like the Hoosiers, rather than staying AT NU???3. This 1 I can’t really blame Bo. It’s MORE THAN OBVIOUS, TM’s daddy with the CORN FED scandal HAS PURCHASED his sons spotlight AT STARTING QB, regardless of how ridiculous he plays. So what happens when he graduates??? Does Warren Buffet have a GODSON, or a GRANDSON who he wants to PURCHASE their starting QB position??? I think the Zac Lee and TM story speaks for itself.4. Nu has NEVER, EVER, had ANY HC refer to the FANS as KNOW NOTHINGS!!! That is really REALLY bad for business, beings it THOSE FANS HARD EARNED $$$$ that BO gets the $$$$ he gets. Bo didn’t issue that statement to a SELECT FEW, he issued that to people that are sick of watching him coach NU with an Oh well, maybe next season attitude!!! He’s had GREAT chances to hire a PROMINANT coaching staff. But he hires people that’s SUB PAR, or just NOT FIT for the job on OFFENSE. Oh , I’m sorry, I forgot, Bo WON’T hire a LIGIT QB coach that NU needs DESPERATELY!!!! IND. COLTS, and their bad season, still looked better at passing than TM did. Marsh, Turner, Carnes NOT better, or prepared as well as TM??? I don’t BUY that crock!!! TM struggles on an option pitch, he struggles on deep passes BADLY ( his % DON’T LIE!!!), he struggles to make INTELLIGENT DECISIONS, with his DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS LOOK ( where INSTEAD OF throwing the ball away. Nooo, he’s got to throw an INT, and that’s NEVER changed yet )To be quite honest, that Ark HC, if you look at his resume. BEFORE he was the HC at ARK and when he was. Take a veeeeeeery close look at HOW PRODUCTIVE ANY TEAM HE WAS WITH WAS ON OFFENSE!!!!!!!!! Now, look at Bo’s production in OFFENSE!!! Making you sick to your stomach yet???? BO, GO TO ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS JOB pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!! So NU can have a MORE productive OFFENSE, if NU hires that FORMER HC!!!!! So he had an AFFAIR, that’s between HIM, his WIFE, the MISTRESS, and Jesus Christ NOBODY ELSE!!!!

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