04/11/12 (Updated)

Bobby Petrino's wife Becky Petrino and Girlfriend Jessica Dorrell

UPDATE: 04-11-2012: Jessica Dorrell's fiance Josh Morgan has left his job at Arkansas.

04-10-2012: With knowingly misleading the program, having an affair with a staffer and nepotism amongst the reasons, Arkansas has fired Bobby Petrino. With his sordid past and pattern of stretching the truth, Arkansas likely should've seen this coming. It also has come to light that Petrino not only has been having an affair with Dorrell for quite some time, but that he also hired her over 159 other candidates AND gave her a cash gift of $20,000 at one point. Though, to be fair, I think that I would go on a motorcycle ride with Bobby Petrino if it would get me $20,000...

04-06-2012: All that talk about Petrino finding redemption in Arkansas - well, you can forget that. Bobby Petrino has been put in paid administrative leave after it was discovered that he was riding with a 25 year old female passenger when he crashed his motorcycle over the weekend. Seems it slipped his mind to disclose that he was with a woman half his age at the time of the crash and his superiors didn't appreciate that... especially since she ALSO works at Arkansas. The woman in question is Jessica Dorrell (photo to the right) and she is an athletic department administrative staffer, and former volleyball player, at Arkansas. Interestingly enough, Jessica Dorrell is actually due to be married in June - but something tells us that this might put that on hold. More as it hits.

Soooooooooiiieeeee. The most hated man in Atlanta has found redemption in Arkansas. But this isn’t about Bobby, let’s meet his wife. The former Ms. Becky Schaff meet Bobby in college while both at Carroll College in Montana. When Bobby packed up and left the Falcons during the middle of the season it came out that his family was not too happy in Atlanta. This is always code for the wife wanting a change. The family dealt with off the field issues in 2011 as their son Dominic was arrested for a DUI along with possesion of marijuna and prescription drugs. I do hope Bobby has introduced his son to Andy Reid’s kids, I think they would get along real well.

Becky has supported Bobby through 16 different job changes in 24 years. Of course each time she has done this her bank account goes up so I’m sure it hasn’t been that big of an issue.
The Petrino's have been community leaders in charitable endeavors at every stop along the way. Most recently, the family donated $250,000 to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, to help fund an expansion. Bobby additionally uses his name to sponsor various charitable golf tournaments throughout the summers.

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2 Responses to “Bobby Petrino's wife Becky Petrino and Girlfriend Jessica Dorrell”

  1. Nina Luedke

    They should also fire Dorrell.

  2. Mary

    How do supposedly intelligent men fall into the trap of these golddigging young girls?

    Not only do they look like fools but they lose the respect of people most especially their CHILDREN!
    What a ridiculous price to pay. I agree the girlfriend should be fired also.