Magic Johnson’s Wife Cookie Johnson


  1. TruthBeTold

    Must be a bummer to HAVE to use a condom each and every time. Guys live for the day when they don’t have to cover it up. And if Magic should ever have an escapade with another woman, I’m sure he would use a condom given that the whole world knows his status.

  2. coachharry watts

    dear,magic My name is-coachharry watts iam a basketball fans los ángeles lakers iam glad we pick up dwight howard otimen the greates basketball teams all-timelos angeles

  3. Myra j Thompson

    Hi my name is Myra and I have a cusin with aids. Its really hard for a women too give it too a man. But I’m glad that magic was honest and didn’t pass it around. Why did you get sicklerville when you got aids. I just prey that magic lives too be 100 years old. Do you have outbreak / please answer me.

  4. swt c

    Word up! Humans we are all blessed to express the will to forgive,oftentimes we see when a person offend another but rarely see the offender apologize. Please dont get me wrong I find it hard to forgive a sex offender who took the initiative to harm a child,person,or inmate. I pray. I have had the chance to vote for and witnessed an African American President someday I will also witness LOVE in this world. Stay strong Magic, and Cookie may God ‘s Love manifest itself through you both (smile)

  5. Reva Link

    How can I get in touch with Cookie to schedule an appearance for my organization, Sisters with a Vision as key note speaker?

  6. Dorothy

    Cookie, for the sake of learning about how homosexuality happens to “straight couples” would you happen to know if your father or grandfather was homosexual? You could be carrying an X chromosome with the traight for that condition.

  7. Anonymous

    Cookie, you REALLLLLLLLLY love him, dont u? Congratulations to U Magic, if you deserve the attention…ng

  8. Stepdaddy

    Pressure burst pipes, I’m sure everybody had their two cents of advice to offer after you and Magic went public, but you didn’t cave in. You are truly the Women of Steel. You go blk women.

  9. RICK

    God bless both of you and we love you. My wife know magic has always been my favorite player(with Kobe a close second) 1991 was a trying year. in November magic made his announcement which was very painful then before I could recover
    From that
    In December my only brother was murdered during a botched robbery. I felt as though I ost two brothers within a momth’S time. thank
    God my brother magic is still alive. Even though magic has never met me
    He will always feel like a brother. Thank you cookie for staying by his side.
    Two days ago on espn I saw the bio on magic and cookie. It was very powerful and emotional. May God forever bless your marriage. WE WILL KEEP YOULL UP IN PRAYER.
    GENESIS 18:14

  10. A wife

    I admire her courage but I doubt if I can ever forgive that. Just two years of marriage and he was already going back on his old habit.

  11. olivia reddick

    my daughter died at 28 yrs.old.Her boyfriend was a hemophyliac and did’nt tell her the baby had cmv disease.had to be operated on,and be given blood pallets.she passed away at 5 months took 10 yrs. for the virus to come out.her life was short.tou both are to you both.God bless.

  12. Barbara l. Scottson

    Strong woman comes from within. This is not passed on nor given to the one deserved.
    Why did you really stay by him? Come on we can talk about it. Money is a fracture.
    There is not enough love in the world to put your life on the line.
    Moses had 700 wives”. I’m looking at your face real close and I see a round face.
    That is from Predsizone. I know that is one of the side effects. You need to down size and
    Come off of it. Magic and yourself are starting to have the same oval shape faces. Plus
    The Virus can lay dormant for 5 yrs and there is no trace. You need to Handel your health.

  13. brg

    I understand, I found out that I was HIV+ in april of 1992. Could have gotten disability and quit working, but didn’t. Went on and worked and even bought a couple freight truck and did well with them. I didn’t take medication for 18yrs. Got to the point that I was cold and tired all the time, went to doc and fount out that my Cd4count was down to 100 and viral load was less that 20, so that was good. Went on medication and I am doing well. I believe God has gave man the knowledge to create medicines to bless us (HIV) persons to live long normal lives. I’ve been with partner for 18yrs and he is not HIV+ and never have used a condom, and yes he knew before we got together. God bless u and all of us that has this on our mind at all time.

  14. Donna McGee

    Hi, Cookie and Magic Johnson. As I read all of your articles about your life, families, and friends. I must admit that I am very happy to know that Magic Johnson has lived for 20 years are more, despite, the fact; that he has the HIV/AIDS VIRUS. Please, always remember, that GOD, has the final word. And it’s truly, a blessing to know, that he has such a wonderful wife such as; yourself; Cookie Johnson. Moreover, your family, true life store is what’s keeping, the hope alive for so many people on this earth who has the HIV/AIDS VIRUS, AND FOR THOSE, THAT DO NOT HAVE THE VIRUS. I JUST GOT MARRIED ON SEPTEMBER 5, 2014, TO A WONDERFUL MAN, WHO IS HIV/AIDS POSITIVE. BUT, (ME) HIS WIFE, (DONNA) IS HIV/AIDS NEGATIVE. YOUR FAMILY TRUE LIFE STORE IS UPLIFTING TO ME. BECAUSE, I WONDER, IF FAMILIES STAYED TOGETHER OR LIVE TOGETHER, IF ONE PARTNER IS POSITIVE AND THE OTHER ONE IS NEGATIVE. FAITH IS THE KEY TO MY LIFE AND TO MY FAMILIES LIVES!! GOD BLESS, AND I HOPE THAT YOUR FAMILY KEEP MOTIVATING THE PUBLIC ON THE TRUTH ABOUT, THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE, HIV/AIDS.AND MAGIC JOHNSON, YOU ARE STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITE FORMAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS, ALONG, WITH MICHEAL JORDAN, AND LARRY BIRD!! PEACE OUT!! LOVE, ALWAYS, DONNA MCGEE FRANK. BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA. 10/12/12.

  15. Anonymous

    Hey Dorothy, i see you’re the idiot that asked if they have any gay uncles/fathers/grandfathers to see about the “condition”: you’re an idiot.

  16. Alyssa

    Thats wild. I just tested negative and I am still sort of freaked out. Im now very scared to have sex. Its not worth it ! These guys nowadays just want to leave you pregnant with a std. Not happening. Ugh. As for Cookie, she is a good one. I would have left him and took all his money :-(

  17. Margaret Reid

    Cookie you are an admirable virtuous woman. I appreciate the way you have embraced your destiny and allowed God to use you and your husband to be examples to the world that though we are not perfect we can overcome every obstacle that comes our way. I also appreciate how you and your family are unselfishly giving back to people. Thank you for sharing your story and your continued support. My brother was a Vietnam veteran that contracted Aids from a dirty needle, and passed away a short time later from an opportunistic virus. May God continue to bless you for giving unto his people.

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