Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry


  1. Mattie

    Wow, this is really the most unselfish act. Unlike many wealthy couples, they thought of other people. Its truly an awesome thing to look beyond youself. I wish them much success in their marriage, God Bless!!

  2. S Workman

    Welcome (passed due) to NorCal.

    It’s a special part of the world and and you as special people are a great and talented addition.


  3. Cool but LOL

    Cool act…but smart too instead of being stuck with a bunch of gifts you don’t need/want as his income can but them virtually anything they want

  4. Debbie marrone

    In a world where self comes first, thank you for putting others ahead of yourselves. You all are a rare couple in today’s spotlight! Keep others always before self and God will definitely bless your marriage because that is what He does! Continue to live your faith so others see what a true Christian marriage looks like! God bless and we love you both!

  5. PokerPal

    They’re regarded as the epitome of NBA couples: attractive, loyal, family-oriented. A devoted husband and father and a loving wife who aspires to do more than simply showcase material wealth on IG and fb. Gotta love that combo! And their daughter Riley is a hoot.

  6. OP2

    Untruths in the above. If Ayesha and Curry attended the same church in Charlotte growing up and knew each other and visited each other, how is it possible to say that they met as adults in Davidson College? Secondly, when he started Davidson she was in Hollywood pursuing a career in acting and modeling where she landing a few including one on Hannah Montanah.

    At what point did she actually attend Davidson? Davidson does not, to my research, offer a business degree major nor do they offer undergrad degrees online. This would imply that any business degree received online did not come from Davidson. -false reportings that should be corrected.

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