Jose Bautista’s girlfriend Neisha Croyle


  1. Susan Boyle

    Neisha , Remember me from Grady in Tampa. I see you had your baby girl. Are you still getting married in November?I was just thinking that was last November. Hope all is well. i know you are enjoying your little girl.Let me know how you are doing. I still keep up with Sadie Richardson.

    Susan Boyle

  2. Anonymous

    Neisha grew up in the very small town of Penn Run, Pennsylvania (70 miles east of Pittsburgh). They became a couple while Jose was with the Pittsburgh Pirates. It appears that they want to keep their personal lives private so I won’t tell you any more info. Having met them I can assure you that they are very nice people and I wish them a wonderful life together!

  3. moly geiger

    Hi Neisha
    I’m not sure if you remember me, you were my daughters Makayla physical therapist in 2009, in Pittsburgh, PA. Congratulation on your family, I read this today because Makayla actually mentioned you the other day, Good luck to you and so much happiness. I appreciate everything you did for my little girl who is now ^ years old

    Molly Geiger

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