Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend Jasmine Shine


  1. Winston wells

    Don’t really understand the random jab at Christianity. People hate when they use derogatory terms towards the Jewish or muslin faith so why is it OK with Christianity? Stop trying to intrude into people’s lives and respect one another’s religious beliefs. Whether they’re Muslim, Jewish or Christian. Judge by the goodness of people and not by there religious beliefs.

  2. Bert M

    I think people rationalize taking shots at Christianity because it is the dominant religion in our society. Heck, I live in one of the most liberal towns in the United States (Eugene, Or), and I am inundated by Christianity from October through December. It’s everywhere I go. I think the fact that it seems so invulnerable kind of makes it ok to pick on in some people’s minds.

  3. Corie lynn

    Why the hate for O.K.C.? It’s a beautiful city with the most loyal and accepting fans in the country 🙆 O.K.C. is about loving our country and offering many choices for all citizens to grow and live with hope and a positive tomorrow– sorry if I seem sappy OKC ROCKS!!

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