Kevin Durant’s ex-girlfriend (and almost wife) Monica Wright


  1. Anonymous

    Oh, yeah. Wright is totally ugly. Are you kidding? She is really pretty. Stop spreading the WNBA stereotype. Go look at Skylar Diggins.

  2. GB

    Hey Monica maybe u can ask SHERRI brooks
    SCOTTIE wife why SCOTT has 2 BROTHERS

  3. Houdini

    I believe you guys are A great Couple. Real soul mates, what more a can a couple ask for. real true Team Players. Take care and God Bless your union and to
    Ms. wanda Pratt you did it, take a bow job Well done!

  4. reason

    That’s what i’m talking about, a good looking african-american couple. Kevin, i knew you were a smart ass black man, and that’s right mama schooled you well. (laughing) A good decent, beautiful, classy, athletic, and intelligent black woman. I love you to death-my father, has always taught me to deal with the real brothers-yes. CONGRADULATIONS-money has not, change you-like the other IDIOTS>

  5. henrylee

    From one brother to another, I’m so proud of you, for having a beautiful sister on your arms. You’ve not forgotten about your beautiful, chocolate mother, grandmother, aunts, nieces, sisters, and great-grandmother. You did not have to buy a trailer-park white girl or hispanics, with fake ass booty and breast. Those ugly ass black men, who degrade their own race, don’t know any better, plus they are still MAD, because the beautiful black women, didn’t want them, THEN or NOW. Monica, is a beautiful SISTA! Niggers don’t wanna put up with a sista-because they are not going to take a lot of SHIT! That’s why I love those beautiful black women. I had a great momma too-Kevin.

  6. jamespaks

    Kevin, better treat her like a AFRICAN PRINCESS. SHe’s beautiful-dumb niggers like BECKY’s because, that’s what the white man, has told them fools, that white trailer park is better. Besides them niggers don’t like the why they look-so they go buy “BECKY” and fix her up, and get mad when the sisters, don’t pay them any attention. Black men are so FUCK UP- I just know the white men are laughing. The white men don’t even want the “BECKY’s that you choose. Have you ever seen a black man with a lauren bacall type or Cindy Crawford, HELL NO. They already have MONEY. (SMILE) IN fact, I want to thank the “BECKY’s” for taking those FOOLS, off of my beautiful sisters hands. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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