08/19/14 (Updated)

Raymond Felton's wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton

UPDATE 03/04/2014: Raymond Felton's wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton is resourceful.

As a second year law student at Fordham University, she's getting her beak wet in creative solutions around legal matters. The soon to be former Mrs. Felton has requested that their pre-nup be thrown out on grounds that Felton cheated on her. Despite the marriage only lasting 19 months, she wants full divorce assets, and is seeking that the Knicks point guard continue to pay for the final two years of law school.

There's sure to be more developments in this already messy divorce proceedings. We'll keep an eye out.

UPDATE 02/25/2014: Well, where to begin here.

Raymond Felton's wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton, is very much working to no longer become his wife. After only 19 months of marriage, Ariane filed for divorce in early February, 2014. With a high profile divorce case and a lot of money on the line, Ariane took the next step in the often times nasty divorce proceedings - by doing what she had to do to make her husband look worse.

On Monday evening, shortly before tipoff, the divorce attorney for Ariane brought a loaded pistol to an Upper West Side police precinct, stating that Ariane did not want the gun in her home. Raymond Felton turned himself into police shortly before 1am Tuesday on the heels of a Knicks loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Felton was charged with three counts of weapon possession. 1010 WINS has confirmed that one weapon had 17 armor piercing rounds in a magazine, with one more in the chamber. If convicted of all charges, a maximum sentence would carry up to 23 years in prison.

The charges are similar to the ones brought upon Plaxico Burress in 2008. The gun has not been used in the act of a crime, but possession alone in New York City carries serious charges. Raymond Felton was released on $25,000 bail, as well as a temporary order of protection against Ariane. He is due to appear in court again June 2.

It's taken a while for Raymond Felton to get the recognition he's earned through his 8+ years in the Association. After being drafted 5th overall in 2005, Felton has bounced around the league playing for the Nuggets, Bobcats, Trail Blazers, and now on his second stint with the Knicks. After Felton has finally started getting some dap for running point for the 2nd seeded Knicks, I was stunned to look back at his career numbers. Felton has averaged more than 6.5 assists in 6 of his 8 pro seasons and accumulated a career scoring average of 13.5 points per game. While not All Star numbers, there's probably 25 other teams in the league who would take a solid vet to guarantee them numbers like that on a nightly basis.

With Felton not previously jumping off the page to anyone (including PlayerWives.com), we were remiss in not looking into his relationship status. After some looking (OK, we Googled it), we found Raymond Felton's wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton. While not a whole lot is known about Ariane, we have learned that she is a Cornell graduate from the class of 2009, who was born in 1987. Ariane was Ray Felton's girlfriend for a number of years before the couple tied the knot on July 28, 2012 in Wake Forest, NC in a lavish ceremony in front of friends and family.

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  1. Jon

    WOW.......a real rarity. For once a Black woman who doesn't weigh as much or more than her boyfriend/hubby - although my guess is Felton's mother weighs about 2-3x what her son weighs if she is like most Black Mamas.

  2. Alan

    What happened Jon? Slow day at the trailer park?

  3. cyndi

    That is not nice. Raymond Felton's mother is a beautiful black woman that takes very good care of herself. No she is not a size two, but everyone can't be.

  4. Why

    Raymond's wife is Hispanic and they only dated for about 6 months before they were married.

  5. Smizz

    why you worrying about his mom you retard??!! I know him and its not nothing like that....."HATER"

  6. Tru

    She's not Hispanic. She's French.

  7. Samashe

    She is not french is she Haitian

  8. Cornellchick

    She's actually haitian and Italian

  9. Anonymous

    she is half French and half Haitian

  10. Vanessa Williams

    She is now single, she filed for divorce from this bum, and right now he is in a NYC police precinct being questioned after pointing a gun at another woman, his "girlfriend", let's see how this plays out.....

  11. Darian

    Why is no one talking about her name? Did she really change her name to raymondo Felton? I want my wife to take both names that's boss status.

  12. Vanessa Williams

    Raymond Felton charged with two counts of felony possession for his ownership of an unregistered, armor-piercing firearm that he allegedly waved around aggressively during a fight with his wife, but never pointed at Ariane Raymondo-Felton, who filed for divorce and was fearful of the weapon being in their home. Felton was released on $25,000 bond early Tuesday evening.

  13. John

    This a damn shame. She fine too. C'mon Felton! SMDH

  14. MD Walton

    Only hope this is not a money hunt by the divorcing wife!! He needs to work to finance her lavish lifestyle acquired since being married!!

  15. Missy stew

    Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Some of these females are so money hungry they will do anything for a dollar. Marry, cry wolf, then divorce. But the men are worse, they fall for it...smh.

  16. Anonymous

    She is part Dominican u asses

  17. Anonymous

    That's what you all deserve for not marry us black woman no better for you next time marry your o
    Own kind dumbo

  18. Anonymous

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  19. Haywood Jablome

    Gold digger. Like most high profile marriages. Athletes take your cue from Mr. Jeter, he's been dealing with the bitches proper since 1996.

  20. Brandon


  21. EZ Rawlins

    Let me get this straight: After only a year and a half of marriage this chick is demanding "full divorce assets" AND wants Felton to finish paying for law school? Game, set, match. This DUMB@SS will get the proper return on his investment in someone he glorified as 'other/better.'