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Mark Cuban's Wife Tiffany Stewart



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In honor of Cuban's Mavericks finally winning the NBA title last night, we present to you Mark Cuban's Wife Tiffany Stewart. The two originally met at the gym and, after dating for a short while, have been married since September 2002. Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart have two children (Alexis Sofia and Alyssa). Say what you will about Mark Cuban and his antics as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, but he has delivered a title to Dallas and he and his wife look pretty good with that trophy.

Mark Cuban's Wife Tiffany Stewart, 5.3 out of 10 based on 208 ratings

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21 Responses to “Mark Cuban's Wife Tiffany Stewart”

  1. TKJ

    average at best

  2. Anon

    They dated for many years before marrying. And they have 3 kids, not 2.

  3. bertha

    she is all gum and he is all cocky and an ass

  4. eBullHorn.com

    That's just not right to comment on a mans wife that way! What does your wife/husband look like? Yours may be dog ugly to everyone else, but I am sure she/he is beautiful to you. Are you even married? Does she or he respect you? With an attitude or character like yours - it's Doubtful!

    Cuban has certainly earned the right to be cocky, and yes, at times he may be an ass....but you got to admire the man for what he has accomplished at such a young age.

  5. al

    I met Mark Cuban last week and his "cocky" persona is certainly not one I observed for the three hours around him. He was a real nice guy....rajon rondo is an asshole

  6. Susanne Bellner

    I have never watched a basketball game, but I watch Shark Tank, I did not care for it in the beginning but it is one of my favorite shows now. Cuban is my favorite, he seems like a friendly big kid. I also saw a movie with him in it, my husband did not believe it was him until I looked up the cast in the movie. I am glad he is happily married to his longtime girlfriend. It's nice to see someone with a very happy life. And I hope he can get Donald Trump to shave his head. My Dad had a comb over, but I was too young to know it was silly.

  7. joy

    Youare a LUCKY lady !!

  8. Michelle

    My husband & I like him! We look forward to Shark Tank every week. If he's happy in his marriage that's all that matters!!

  9. Richard

    Mark is a cool guy that has worked his way to the top and may him and his have a happy life

  10. Erin

    Shark Tank is my favorite show. I love all the sharks. I have never seen any of them acting arrogant or cocky. Cuban is one of the nicest. The only time he ever gets mad is when someone who is presenting an idea gets arrogant with the sharks. Then Cuban is done with them. I don't follow his antics with his team, but when sports are involved, a lot of people go crazy so I don't hold any of that against him. I love SHark Tank!!

  11. Mary

    She's gorgeous. Its whats inside that counts, anyway.

  12. Sandra Pfeifer

    She's gorgeous and he's a handsome, wise and funny! Shark Tank is the best show on television!!!

  13. Karen

    Seems like a down to earth lady and a great mom. Be happy for both of them

  14. durp

    She's not even hot :O

  15. Gail

    It seems on Shark Tank that Mark Cuban has mentioned his boys. I wonder how many children he actually has. Last night he mentioned his 4 year old and I think he mentioned another boy who has allergies.

  16. Jerry

    He has 2 girls and one boy I believe. I'm sure his wife is a nice lady, but she looks like every other Texas woman. Nothing special.

  17. chuck bloom

    first she is an attractive young lady who has a nice figure without being a slut about it. he is a truly self made man. he is not a jerk in how he invests his money. i think they make a nice couple and neither has to "wear" their wealth. i am glad there are more positive comments about her and him than negative ones. his act with his team is to take away anything negative on them when they are not playing well. look how he behaved when they won the championship...quiet and sedate. he does almost everything with great passion. I hope he wins lots more championships and i am not a Mavericks fan. i have been a Knicks fan for better or worse for about 65 years.

  18. Kelly Sue Brown

    You have to hand it to them both. Before coming into such a large sum of hard work FUNDS, Called " SWEAT EQUITY" they both have not been out in the world showing off. Not that I have seen anyway. Mark worked really hard for that money he truly earned. It does not matter how he earned it just that it was Mark that worked very hard and that hard work paid off. !! We should all be so blessed to have a talent like he does. Plus, he isn't sitting on his A_ _ , he is working his dollars to make more, and I hear he is generous as well.
    As for Tiffany, She must be quit a woman to handle all the critic's talk about her. It is what is on the inside that counts, although, if you really take a good look at her, you will notice she is a beautiful woman and a great mother as well. I am sure she is very smart and loves her husband. You can tell by the way they look at each other to know the LOVE is there. So all the people that have left negative comments about someone you probably don't even know should keep their Jealous thoughts to themselves. !!! Be happy for good people. !! Money is only to survive with, if you should have extra to use the way you wish than more power to you !! Go for it, you must deserve it, unless you got it the wrong way !

  19. All

    Mark is great love his positive attitude

  20. Anonymous

    There is everything to like about this beautiful woman. Why do we allow our society to comment on another persons physical appearance. I don't understand the low and demeaning attitude of those who do this. Distracting by gossiping and tearing someone apart is so beneath us all, I will never understand how we began to allow this pervasive sickness to enter our lives. Besides, this woman is truly pretty, and the fact that they are good enough friends to continue to withstand fame and raise a family together in these times, is what makes them both even more attractive. Ignore the trash talk and gossip, you know who you are, you're the girl who won the heart of Mark. Good for you!

  21. Anonymous

    Tiffany =)

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