DeJuan Blair’s girlfriend Ashley Logan


  1. shakattack

    the guys lucky…
    she has a donk tooo… DANG..
    he probably sticks his dick in her…
    wish that was me doin that…

    she be like moanning real loud..
    cause there aint no girl who can
    handle me….

  2. Max Dover

    He’s only 23 yrs old so all he’s thinking about right now is basketball & getting laid. Once he matures he’ll drop this backdoor cheap trick like a hot potato & get a decent self-respecting woman that he can marry. As a man, I have to admit that when I was young all I wanted was a hoe who would slob my knob & respond to the booty call at my whim but eventually I grew out of that. I don’t feel bad for her though because she’s getting media hype out of it too.

  3. Jon

    Like most Black women – her ass, thighs and hips are bigger than her guy. She is FAT! Lose about 50 pounds in the thighs/butt/mid-section woman! If she ever has a kid she will easily top 250 and never go back under. Moooooooooooooo

  4. rico

    Jon…That Is A White Girl….. And All Girls Dont Have To Be Aids Skinny.The Chics You Like Probably Have To Gain 50 Lbs Just To Be Called Skinny. You Like Anorexic Bithes That Look Like They Are Dead And Decomposing.

  5. okay???

    First of all..she isn’t white, and maybe not even black. What this speaks to is the industry and how professional athletes can pick and choose their women just on sexual value. Ashley, I’m curious what your plans are for the future. Exploiting yourself like this is such a slap in the face for the womens movement, even those who are forced into sex trafficking. Your poise shows that you agree that your not looking for respect, or a future just dollars. Which unfortunately, any homegirl outta Atlanta, could have you beat. They just USE girls like you then trade you in for a new one…a leased car gets more play than you will. These guys are around for what 3 maybe 4 months, and look what you’ll have to put up with just to have a nice ride or a house. Consider getting a masters degree, and you can have all that you desire from hard work. And get the respect you deserve verses being treated like a party favor. So many girls are robbed from child hood through rape and molestation, which in turns creates the “no self esteem monster”. The sad part is, the girls getting mad when you try to defend them, saying “I like being treated like a bitch, or a hoe.” Women colored white whatever, you don’t deserve this…you deserve better girlfriend…the price to be disrespected is too high!!

  6. Patrick

    Every Spur needs to put the photo his this piece of trash shitting a basketball in his locker to embarrass this guy to being a pro. You do not allow the road trash to get public attention.

    He needs to be a pro!

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