Charles Barkley’s Wife Maureen Blumhardt Barkley


  1. Shirley Adams

    Give Charles credit, most Black men are very unstable. He is attempting to leave the plantation where 90%+ Blacks would like to remain. They are afraid to compete with Europeans and Asians so they sit back and act helpless. Blacks blame everyone else because they are embarrassed that they are moving backwards. The huge IQ differential is due to evolution, but laziness and crime are personal choices.

  2. Hammerhead

    Shirley Adams – you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    And for the Anonymous commenter, only eunuchs post stupid comments…anonymously.

  3. Sue

    Charles Barkley is the very reason that they think black people are stupid, slow, and can only run after a ball. This whole article is BS. She married him because she was pregnant. He better keep his money because that is what has kept her there for 25 years. He is an idiot! She is the only one that will tolerate that smug dumb-talking SOB

  4. DaveL

    Some sad, ignorant, hateful comments in here. 26 years together is a great accomplishment – it takes work! Congrats Charles and Maureen. Best wishes!

  5. Lacey

    He looks like the love of my life Robbie hes also the one who got away. Theres something just down right sexy about Chuck then find out he does house work?????

  6. jonsie

    Barkley is the real deal. Some education, a successful pro athlete, a successful sports analyst, money in his pocket, only one marriage and with a nice daughter, is his own man, now and in the past, speaks his mind, and speaks the truth as he sees it, with no apologies. Not only that, but he has a keen sense of humor and good insight into the American society. Hang in there Sir Charles, for the naysayers and haters only are jealous.

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