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Rihanna's Dating History with Professional Athletes



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While some may say this is just an excuse to get more pictures of Rihanna on the site (and who could blame us), there actually is a sports related theme to RihRhi’s dating history.

Although she is only 24 years old, she has been in the spotlight for just 7 years. In that period of time, she has racked up quite a lengthy list of ex’s, the sports world not withstanding. We have covered some before, namely Andrew Bynum and Matt Kemp. She has also had quick flings with Rashard Lewis and British boxer/model (we’re just as confused with that title as you are) Dudley O’Shaughnessy. O’Shaughnessy starred in Rihanna’s video for “We Found Love”.

And in the completely-out-of-left-field category, she recently told Esquire UK that she has the hots for Cheryl Cole (footballer Ashley Cole’s ex-wife). Rihanna said, and I quote: “I would just like to watch her work. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over.” We’ll just let you think about that for a few moments while we gather ourselves.



Back now? OK, astute readers of the site will notice an odd connection here: one of Ashley Cole’s ex’s is Melissa Howe, who was a backup dancer… for Rihanna.

Most recently, she has been linked with the tattooed journeyman shooting guard JR Smith. They have been seen hanging out at several nightclubs in NYC and reportedly spent Memorial Day Weekend together in Miami. All that being said, Smith allegedly has several other girlfriends, so we don’t expect this to last very long.

Oh, and Chris Brown is still a horrible human being.

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  1. caseyJ

    If you guys are going to give out information on the relationships of athletes that is fine, that is what you are advertising. But, to personally directly insult a person that has history with one of the women that is unprofessional and there is no point to it.If you are going to run a website, keep your personal opinions out of the information and stick with actual relative stories. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. diams

    money brings in different,

  3. Jennifer Fregoso

    Hey rihanna i think u r the best singer.. fuk ur ex, chris brown.. hahahaha go gir... GO RIHANNA.. LUV YA

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