Cris Collinsworth’s Wife Holly Collinsworth


  1. Russell

    Holly you and your husband should be very proud of yourselves with how you contribute to society to help out with your charity work for worthwhile causes. I think you have a civic duty to tell Chris to route for the Packers each week because when he does they usually win. lol
    I used to watch him play for the Bengal’s and he certainly was All Pro. You should talk him into having a spot on the show for the Ladies out there, teaching them a few rules and aspect’s of the game. I feel it would be a positive addition to the show.

  2. Davan S. Mani

    The intensity of being the Great White Hope eventually got to him because he was a segregated white homeboy who didn’t integrate with mainstream whites. Their family was to themselves sort of like the Tillman family. He had an English or Irishname for appeal. Media tried to portray Collinsworth as a womanizer to show that he integrated with other white groups before his marriage but he wasn’t. He was no Bobby Hull or Joe Namath.

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