Roy Hibbert’s wife Valerie Cooke


  1. Ashley

    Roy reminds of the corny sellout type so seeing his girlfriend and what she looks like is not in the least bit a surprise. In fact if she had been even close to his color that would have caught me by surprise, his whole vibes just screams darker complexion house negro with no strong will or mind because it takes just that to get over that uncle tom mindset his vibe screams weak minded much like his teammate Paul George. Heres to hoping the much more strong minded superstars of the Heat team drop their asses again in the playoffs. That is not being racist or prejudice that is calling it like it is. If it weren’t so common amongst rich weak minded mind shackled uncle tom black men I wouldn’t be saying this but it is common so I calling it like it is. Paul George and Roy Hibbert types are the types of blacks that continue to make us appear as if we don’t like ourselves and feel inferior to the other races of the world. I really wish the Roy Hibbert, Paul George, Kobe Bryant types weren’t black then maybe we would have a fighting chance in shpwing the world we love ourselves and know ourselves to be just as beautiful as any other race on this planet because what it looks like is that they don’t believe their counterpart women and therefore themselves to be beautiful enoughand yu all know its true.

  2. British

    It can’t be that he’s just attracted to white women more than any other race? Also, maybe he doesn’t have a particilar preference and that’s just who he fell in love with. Ashley, you sound quite bitter and your repetitive name calling only shows why you are likely alone or at best, in a miserable relationship.

  3. Love ur moms

    I see it all the time. Capitalization of the black athlete to continue putting money in the white man’s hands through their daughters. More power to them because they continue to exploit ignorant black men. More t.v. Commercials with black men & white daughters. Love ur Mothers black men and ur self first.

  4. Brian

    Listening to all you bitter black women reaffirms the joy behind my decision to be engaged to a woman of another race! I have a strong black mother who worked tirelessly to ensure my success, but listening to you bitter females make excuses instead of looking in the mirror is sad. The successful black men of the world have neither the time, patience nor energy to deal with your attitudes. If we did, then we would not be able to put in the hours spent providing a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and those around us. That’s okay though, as you can see, races are rapidly melting together until there will be no more bitter black female blaming the “weak successful black man” for “crossing over”. 50 years from now they’ll all look like my future daughter…sort of “tan” if you will. Suggestion: Have a rally and collectively find a way to lose the attitude…or be stuck with each other and the fellas who don’t have an option.

  5. BasketBall Fan

    Hmmm Black or white does not matter. You start this page by stating that she does not slow him down. She has not brought him and the team to a stand still. She is sleeping with his teammate.

  6. maeve

    The two also attended Georgetown Prep together and have been dating since. They are high school sweethearts, so the notion that she latched on to him when he was a big success is false. It’s not like he was lighting the basketball world on fire in HS, or in fact, for his first two years of college.

  7. mac G

    I love how black women try to characterize black men who date white, asian or latina women as “self loathing”, or act like it’s a character flaw, or suggest that it shows they “don’t love themselves.” (for example, Ashley here). Sorry, but that attitude is is nothing but absurd rationalizing nonsense.

    Honestly, they love themselves just fine, they just aren’t as attracted to you. Sorry if the truth hurts, but it is how it is. They’re simply choosing the women that viscerally and instinctively most appeal to them. That ain’t something they can help, as sexual attraction ain’t something you can really choose, and it doesn’t mean they’re self-loathing nor that anything else is wrong with them.

  8. Ryan

    Drop the black thing. All races have the same type of thing going on. Infidelity is human instinct, not black instinct, Ashley.

    Race doesnt make a person, people make races.

    Random White Dude that never saw this as a black thing

  9. glowman

    Ashley sounds like a wannabe NBA groupie who didn’t get chose, now she’s mad. ROFL!!!! It’ll be OK, Ashley. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  10. Breed

    I make it a rule not to respond to the indignant and outrageously angry rants, musings, written thoughts of a sista. When it has to do with brothas being with/preferring white women. The post by Love ur moms has now become the exception to that rule.

    So lemme see if I have this right. According to moms. White fathers are basically training up their little girls and the apple of their eye. To grow up and fuck/get with/marry rich black athletes. With the ultimate goal being so the white father can get his hands on all that rich black athlete money.

    That’s some straight up Wile E. Coyote, super genius shit right there. So in essence, every white man with a daughter has the potential within. To be a legendary-like pimp cut from the same cloth of one of the most renowned pimps to ever backhand a ho, pimp a ho stroll or make wearing a pinky ring a col thing to do. The one n only, the man himself, White Folks. I’m just stunned that not every single black athlete in the world hasn’t fallen prey to nefariously crafted plan.


    I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the funniest and most ass backwards shit I’ve seen on the internet in weeks. The only shit that might be dumber, though no where near as funny, are the following comments after your evil white fathers breakdown. That being a black man who prefers women outside of his race. Is in some way not loving his black mom/not loving her enough.

    Y’all be cool…….

  11. A Black Guy

    Breed, that has to be one of the funniest/realest replies I’ve ever read. I’m black, married to a woman who is not black, with a half-black mom. I’ve heard that whole “love your mother” rant before, I guess I don’t love my mom. I get some of the most seething, hateful, ignorant, and bold remarks from black women.

  12. Anonymous

    From a blackman… Fuck you black bitches… Keep your Hoop Dreams alive wanting some ball player or rapper to pull you out hoodlife. Hard working black man and all the black women that I like don’t give me the time of day, so if a white or Mexican woman that hotter than the black woman that I liked step to me what am I suppose to do? Here’s an example I’m in the gym the best looking chick in the gym is a black woman I step to her and she basically blow me off, ok really hot white chick not as hot as the black woman but she hot.Black woman 10 white chick 9.5 but the white woman gives me all the play plus her number. What am I suppose to do?

  13. BIG D

    Have you stupid black bitches seen Basketball wives? That’s the reason black man run away from you black bitches. Those bitches make all black women look bad! I don’t want to hear the shit that some of them aren’t black

  14. BIG D

    Brothers need to get with Asian chicks. It’s their time now. Asian women are looking better than ever! Holla @ Asian girl!

  15. FFS

    People need to get over bi-racial couples. It’s too common now to keep going on with this BS. People get with who they are attracted to and fall in love with . color has nothing to do with it anymore. I mean at least outside of extremely poor areas (white, black or whatever)where there is still a blame game going on. People in civilized society don’t give a crap about color.

  16. CGC

    My comment is “way” late, but I’d like to respond to Brian (4-22-2014) who though he claims to have a strong, proud black mother attacked black woman as a whole with his statements. I myself was raised in a single parent home with a strong black woman and it was my choice not the lack of “options” to marry a black woman. You need to rent a “Soldiers Story” with Adolph Ceasar and Denzel Washington because I definitely sense a lot of subliminal self hate in your comments.You sound almost excited that , as you say, we will melt into history as a people. Yes sir, I believe I would classify you as a sell out and not because of your dating preference. You don’t sound strong enough to deal with any woman with a degree of “fire”.

  17. Anonymous

    I’m a an African American teenager and reading stuff like this from both sides brings young teens down. Your adults and are suppose to be setting examples for us to follow. We look up to male and females of any race and kind to build us up and not call us black bs. At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think inner beauty is whats most important. All I’m saying though is to watch what y’all say because the wrong young person of Ny race can read this and think,” o well I’m better then a black girl, or oh Im black and I guess that’s a bad thing.” You bring females down anyways and I think that’s a bad thing. Also your setting bad examples for young boys. We should be allowed to fall in love with who we please no matter what. I know I’m still young and have a lot to learn but personally race doesn’t matter to me it’s your heart, and that’s how my mom has raised me. Watch what you say because you don’t know what little kid could accidently find this stuff. I know it’s been a long time since this issue was bright up but I had to adress it from a young persons veiw

  18. Hurt Black mother

    I worked very hard to make sure my son received a good education, nice home and I thought one day he would marry and do the same for his children….never in a million years did I think he would bring a white woman to my home and say they were getting married. It really broke my heart and I tried to warn him over and over again that this wasn’t right and that this woman had an addenda plus her family did not accept my son. Well I was right-he’s now paying almost $5000 monthly for child support (for one child), she got the house (he’s living in a one bedroom apt)and she has her new lover living in the house (he’s white)….Some of you will probably think race has nothing to do with it, but I’m over 60, so I remember sitting on the back of the bus, having to sit in the balcony to watch a movie, not having the right to vote-so no, I don’t trust white people especially when the news reports reflex every day, that nothing has really changed–now I have a grandson who looks white, blue eyes and all but he has the “one drop” so in the eyes of the law, he is black–oh this is going to be so confusing for him—so sad

  19. EZ Rawlins

    Here’s what I don’t understand: If love is free and natural and folks can’t help who they fall in love with, then how come we don’t see more white athletes married to African American women? Shouldn’t the percentages be the same? Among hockey players, tennis players and golfers should be dudes with Black wives. Where are they? If they’re NOT present – and it doesn’t look like they are – then one is forced to wonder ‘Why?’

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