Roman Reigns’ wife Galina Becker


  1. tj

    hi u doin sis but a your husband to be is a soon to be champion and a future hall of famer fosho but you guys take great care of yall self’s and yall beautiful princess and yall future kids and family much respect sis and tell Joe for me sis that he go he’s the man but much respect to yall tj

  2. Betty S

    Be strong. Have faith. Ask God to bless your relationship and keep you together, faithful and strong.

  3. Jennifer K.

    You have GOT to be Kidding me I take BETTER pictures then she does. Are you serious Shit she’s isn’t EVEN that Pretty she looks like a Horses’ Ass!

  4. psforr

    Hey Jennifer K., try to show some respect BITCH! WHAT! JEALOUS MUCH! Just admit that a horses’ ass is your reflection when looking at the mirror…You’re just jealous because you only look at him but CANNOT have him. Clean your heart crazy BITCH! GOD BLESS YOUR SWEET BEAUTIFUL FAMILY GALINA BECKER!

  5. psforr

    Ahahaha…hey you fake Roman Reigns, stop using his name and saying Galina’s a mole rat, because you are the real mole rat. Ahaha, you are sick, don’t be jealous because they’re happy together and no one can make them apart. Just go get a life, go look for a man of your own, there are lots of cute guys out there. Hmm, maybe none of them falls for your mole rat face…hahaha Leave this happy family alone. Get your own. KEEP DREAMING AND KEEP WISHING BECAUSE THE REAL ROMAN REIGNS(LEATI JOSEPH ANOA’I) LOVES ONLY THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE AND THE MOTHER OF HER BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER PRINCESS JOJO, AND THAT IS HIS BEAUTIFUL FIANCE GALINA BECKER. …MY RESPECT TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY GALINA. Just care less about the negative comments Galina, laugh at them, and do your thing with your man Roman. YOU GO GIRL!

  6. psforr

    She is very beautiful Brittany. Just don’t be jealous. Ahahaha…..sorry, he’s marrying her soon. Her and their daughter are Roman Reigns’s life. So, get lost loser….hahahaha

  7. innocent shandu

    roman reigns is my mentor so he must keep strong with his superman punch n u guys look awesome together.i blv in the superman punch.

  8. Jayanna

    They look sooooo cute. I’ve been crushing on Reigns since he stepped in that ring. Man Galina is a lucky person. GOD BLESS THE ANOA’I FAMILY.

  9. Gloria Etheridge

    You are one lucky beautiful young woman, I hope you and Roman will be happy with your beautiful daughter! He is do handsome and with yours and your daughter’s beauty you are a gorgeous couple/family! Congrats on your engagement !

  10. anonymous from Kenya- Africa

    God bless you abundantly n may each day b a joy 2 live.congrats 2 Roman coz l love 2 watch him in the ring.

  11. kate

    …they look awesome together but i read someyears ago that his girlfriend called jessi (the name from the mother of his daughter)

    whats right now???

  12. josh hollins

    Sorry to say but with all the gorgeous women after Roman he can do better then that chick. His cousin did

  13. josh hollins

    Why does she look older then him, he could have a girlfriend in every city with his looks believe that.

  14. Shrividhya

    We love u roman reigns.My whole family loves him.He only the pwrer house of wwe.We love u roman.We blsed u ever together with ur wife and daughter.

  15. Matthew

    I’m your husband biggest fan you are so lucky to have a man like this I like Romans super man punches and the other move but, it is sad that the shelled brook up well any way he is still the best and I hope he fights again and I want to vs randy Ortin again ok by now roman reigns text me back

  16. cher

    No, it is not true. The mother of Roman Reigns daughter is not Galina Becker. Her mother is Roman Reigns ex-wife. They are divorced before he ( Roman Reigns) was with Galina Becker. Read his wikipedia or search for information about him. You will know the truth. Galina Becker are just 2 years and 7 months 2-gether. And his daughter is already 4 or 5 years old.

  17. cher

    No, it is not true. The mother of Roman Reigns daughter is not Galina Becker. Her mother is Roman Reigns ex-wife. They are divorced before he ( Roman Reigns) was with Galina Becker. Read his wikipedia or search for information about him. You will know the truth. Galina Becker are just 2 years and 7 months 2-gether. And his daughter is already 4 or 5 years old. Sorry I made a mistake. I mean , they are just two years & 7 months together.

  18. kalpana

    O.M.G…heartbroken……i really luv roman reigns..n saw d pic of her fiancee..but never mind…he is happy….den m happie too..cute cple.may god bless u both n ur beautiful daighter

  19. psforr

    CORRECTION cher…OMG you are so behind and may I ask which planet are you on? You are sooooo WRONG with your infos. Okay listen, Leati Joseph Anoa’i was never married. Him and Galina Becker are the real parents of their Princess Joelle Anoa’i. Yes, Galina Becker is the biological mother of Leati’s only daughter Joelle. They’ve been together for almost 10 years now. They started dating when they both attended Georgia Tech when Leati was playing football, that’s when she got pregnant, way before his career in the WWE. They were engaged in Feb of 2012. There was never a previous marriage. Galina was and is still his only Lady Love. She’s his longtime girlfriend and they’ve been completely faithful with their Love Life. Lots of ppl really admire their beautiful family and Leati’s families really love his fiance Galina, especially their little Samoan angel. PLEASE check your sources before you even post fictions up here. Oh and so that you’ll know, Leati really hates ppl who talks negatively about his sweetheart fiance Galina, the BIRTH MOTHER OF PRINCESS JOELLE LEATI ANOA’I!!

  20. Chynah Perry

    Galina Becker is a very lucky woman i wish i was her congratulations on having a relationship with the most handsome man in the world.

  21. charlotte whitaker

    Omg I didn’t know how beautiful she really was she’s such a mystery but they have a beautiful family. Just thinking my son n Joelle are close in age what if they eventually dated lol . But I think Joe is a great guy and if I was Galina I’d watch those groupies really close :) and Joe had surgery hope he gets better I love wwe but I believe they should be treated with respect and privacy that they deserve but get better Joe great looking family :)

  22. juggalette23

    Lol. Its funny how many fans wanna dog his girl. Trust I love think roman VM a sexy, sexy man but never would I be jealous of what another person has let alone go out of my way yo say some of the hateful things some of you people are saying. If you’re a real fan then be happy that, that man has a good woman a beautiful little girl and a good life. Let’s all be real ladies roman will only ever be a fantasy man for us. And I’m soooo OK with that. Best wishes to you in your marriage. Keep doing what you do roman.

  23. josh hollins

    Still think that Roman can do better then her .he has all the women he wants.that chick he had now looks older then him and had to have work done to keep Roman your young dude play the field before getting the ball and chain.

  24. psforr

    I think they’re a PERFECT MATCH, and they best compliment each other. Roman doesn’t need any more women because he found his Eternal Companion 10 years ago. Until now, their Love is growing stronger n stronger each day, and he’s terribly in love with her. And Roman is older than her; yeah, he was born 1985, but she was born 1987. They’re both lucky to have each other. They’re such a lovely n gorgeous couple. God bless you both n your adorable FRUIT of your LOVE……PRINCESS JOELLE ANOA’I!

  25. mae conley


  26. Elizabeth

    The womanthat Roman Reigns look at the pics be for he married the one that he is with now getting re married to her.
    love you peeps.

  27. josh hollins

    Too many hot chicks out there roman don’t be stupid at your age and get stuck with that one, your top dog now play the field and find a hot woman, dude you know you can get a different one for every day of the week bro.

  28. Tamara Heath

    Wow @cher aren’t you stupid. They’ve been engaged for two years correct but you sound like you believe everything you see on the internet. I looked on Wikipedia and NOWHERE does it say Galina is hia ex-wife. You need to get your eyes AND your facts checked before you start hating on the truth.

  29. Shannon

    Congrats to you all…May you have a long and joyful life together. Honesty, communication and work everyday will bring many great memories and anniversaries. God Bless you and your family.

  30. josh hollins

    When he gets the title he will get more pieces of ass then before that dog can’t hold a man like that down, when the women offer it to him on the road, he won’t be thinking of horse face back home. If he really loved her it wouldn’t have taken ten years to put s ring on it. It was all for the kid, too many hotties for him and he is a man. Deal with it horse lovers.

  31. Janice

    Josh hollins you are an a**hole and a worthless piece of sh*t. You wouldn’t no true love if it shoved it’s fist up your a**.

  32. Aja'Leiel LaBatiste

    I agree with Josh, he is way too good looking for her. She is probably pregnant again, so to keep the piece. He finally married it.

  33. Aja'Leiel LaBatiste

    I agree with Josh she is definitely not cute. She got work done. Look at her old college photos oh’damn. So, boobs tons of horse weave and dressing like a hooker. She is probably pregnant again so to keep the piece he married it.

  34. kalpana

    Hey roman plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cme to india..m ur # 1 fan in d whole universe..i really miss u a lot..missing u always lke hell..plzzz once come to india

  35. april perez

    live your life my sister,we are very strong proud women ,and it’s our strenght that keeps our men strong I it’s true the darker the cherry the sweeter the juicy. hahaha. god bless my sista

  36. Ashanti

    I always thought that he was single but now that i know congrats u too hope ur dreams have come true and guys say sup to aj lee for me.

  37. jadah

    “Aja leiel and Josh Rollins you to r hating hoe’s Galina is perfect in every way Ana he hair isn’t fake retard and she’s not a how so guck of with the hating mad or nah bish # team galina

  38. Jo

    congratulations Roman you’re wife is such a beautiful women and you’re daughter Is soooo cute. May God bless your family and keep you safe. Love you Roman xxxx

  39. kalpana

    Yaa dude she is beautiful but mre den her jojo is lke an beautiful.angel..good job roman…n lots of love to ur fam..ummmmahhh

  40. monique

    I’m very happy for the both of them I just wish people can be positive about His new wife she is a very beautiful women and so what if she is older or younger they look really good together and for the ones that have only negative things to say come on grow up stop talking crap you all sound very ghetto have more class for yourself speed with class not trash

  41. kalpana

    Hey roman wishing u a happiee n a prosperoues new year to u n ur fam n especially to jojo n beautiful galina..have a joyful;peaceful year wid galina n ur fam..stay together always dude…n dis year i pray to god dat u once cmr to india..ur biggest fan is waiting for u dude.lots of love to u..n misss u….

  42. Santha

    Hi Roman, Im ur huge fan from singapore.. Would like to wish Mr and Mrs Joe A very happy married life. So happy for galina. Please please take care of roman. I love u from bottom of my heart roman.. Merry christmas and A Happy New 2015.. Hugsssss

  43. kalpana

    YAa whatever..whoever u t i dnt cre but d fact is m no fan of roman reign…finaaly wwe is coming to india for main event..wish hve cme true..nw finally waiting to se him..plzzz cme soon..lots of love

  44. denise dumn

    hi roman and wife how are you doing fine so happy you and roman am big fan roman fan look at him on Monday night raw I hope you have joyful life your daughter very cute so people are roman reigns hate some the girl very mad at you not mad at you well now see soon roman and wife your big fan Denise dunn very happy you

  45. Maliyah Glass

    Jennifer.K sweetheart she is prettier than ant horse that I have ever seen. WAKE UP, HE IS VERY HAPPY WITH HER FACE IT, DONT HATE HER CAUSE THEY BEAUTIFUL.

  46. kalpana

    Hey congrats roman n galina..vry happiee to know dat ull both get married to each other..n ull guys r made for each other.saw d photos..blessed fam..galina is looking as usual stunning..hie gorgeoues jojo..hw r u..really galina is blessed wid such kind of guy like roman..hes muscular..hes spectaculor..hes popular but nw he is nt a bachelour..hahaha..always stay blessed n happiee n hve a peaceful lfe..hugssssss..luv u roman..mre dan galina i luv u..:)

  47. Hailey J

    I wish these two the best! I have to say I’m kind of upset Galina got some work done on her boobs ,bottom, and wears colored contacts. She still beautiful though , she just needs to keep away from getting anymore enhancements.

  48. raven

    I miss you dolphn ziggler so mush from your new girlfriend raven marie Maddox 511 hubblle street first floor sidedoor dolph ziggler.

  49. giana ava b

    Galina aka Kim kardashian wannabe with butterface!! least Kim’s face is beautiful but she went overboard with the plastic surgery….it will all go south north west galina n Kim ahahah …u look like an afro amer barbie doll all that silicone . Aka made in China pffft

  50. Mary dk

    You make a good dad,keep up the good work ,tell them to make you the new champ! Don’t let Seth r.take it away from you with the money in the bank thing,if they won’t do that.I will tell every one I see not to watch it anymore.and say hi to everyone at home,if you have time wright back I have seen your dad and uncle down here wrestling. Love, mary

  51. Mary dk

    You make a good dad,keep up the good work ,tell them to make you the new champ! Don’t let Seth r.take it away from you with the money in the bank thing,tell everyone at house hi,make be the new champ can you tell me anything I don’t have anyone to tell so you can tell me! You have my e-mail.

  52. Jennifer

    @ psforr I hate to BREAK IT to you SMART ASS but Mrs Horse-face Becker ISN’T Joelle Anoa’i’s Biological MOM! Her biological Mom’s name was Jessie(Roman’s College Girlfriend!) Joelle is now 7 WISE ASS! And I’m not Jealous you stupid SACK of Horse Shit! She really is UGLY AS HELL,and doesn’t look right with Roman at all. 1) She has NO BOOBS! and 2) She has NO ASS and if you think that ass of her’s in REAL then YOUR BLIND as a DAMN BAT! AGAIN Mrs Becker ISN’T JOELLE ANOA’I’S MOM! And Roman(Joe) CAN do a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT BETTER THEN HER UGLY FUCKING ASS! So STFU!

  53. kalpana

    Hey jennifer…just chillax swthrt…babes just think of roman n surely u will hve smile on ur face..n m doing d same..n if u r a true fan of roman den do what i do..:)tc…n yaa luv u roman:)

  54. kalpana

    Hey jennie…galina is not dat ugly according to ur wrds…like really….she is pretty.n looks doesnt matter…dey pair a nice couple…n truely u think u r a fan of roman..den swthrt u should respect his choice..i know everyone has their respective choice but u should nt dis respect to others choice as well..

  55. psforr

    @ Jennifer: Ahahaha..why you sound soooo super dramatic, why you even think hard about JEALOUS…ahahaha..I’m gonna say this FACT again, you don’t know shit..Joelle is Galina’s birth child, her n Leati had her when they’re in college. That was an internet error where they said her Mom is Jessie, that’s an error you DUMB…ahahaha…Urgh! Just accept the fact that that’s their beautiful fruit of their True Love…ahaha…Oh, hope the rumor about Galina n Leati expecting their second child is TRUE, so you can go hide your horse face Jennifer and kill yourself…ahahaha…Stop being stressful for a married man who don’t give a damn about who you are, he has an owner n that’s Mrs. Galina Becker Leati Anoa’i…ahahaha

  56. Kitt McLeod

    Wow i can not believe all the nasty comments about Ms. Galina. Nobody knows her, you don’t know what attracted him to her to begin with. Frankly I think she is very pretty and you can tell the man is in love with her just by the look on his face. As a fan you should be happy for him. Not being all nasty about his choice. You all need to get a life. Congratulations Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i( Roman Reigns) and your beautiful wife. May you always be happy and blessed.

  57. Diamond

    Damn, my husband is married. Oh well I’ve never been a homewrecker and don’t appreciate those who do but if God every bless me the chance to meet him, I’m doing more than shaking hands. Sorry Galina but he’s too fine to pass up.

  58. kalpana

    I agree wid psforr n kitt MCleod..:)hey roman eagerly waiting for fastlane match on monday..m frm d show wil telecast on monday..never mind..keeping fingers..n just praying for u dat u win..good luck..i know u r married to a pretty girl galina but insted of dat i will always hve a huge crush on u:))

  59. Mary dk

    I am so happy for you two,you have a good looking family and the others are nice to.your dad @ your uncle start up here in Nashville Tennessee.

  60. kalpana

    Desperately waiting for fastlane..roman wish u all d luck from miine side..believe dat n believe in reigns:)) ur huge fan frm india:)

  61. kalpana

    Hey roman..saw d match of fastlane..u just steal d show n my heart as well…cham proud of u..n a big thank u to wwe universe for showing wrestlemania live…my dream to watch wrestemania live…but though i live in india…n i cant watch roman live…but a big thank u to entire universe of wwe to show live wrestlemania..timing of dat show at india is morning 4:30:) i will anyhow see d matter hw early morning it would be…only for u champ..roman:))) lods of love

  62. kathy

    Congratulations on your marriage I am sorry there seems to be so many mean and spiteful people out there. If they really cared about Roman they would want your family to find all the love this world can offer not try to tare you down. Jojo is beautiful and the apple of Roman’s eye hope you all have a long and happy life together.

  63. Maddy

    Oh wow, so much hate a racism man. Smdh, I can’t believe so-called Roman Reigns fans are being such hateful bastards. First off, I thought we were passed the whole interracial dating topic. It’s 2015, every race is mixing. But I guess ignorance knows no bounds.
    As for Galina being ugly…HA! You must be talking about yourselves, cause that woman right there, is GORGEOUS. And if you did proper research, Galina’s middle name if Joelle, therefore rendering the whole “Galina isn’t Joelle’s biological mother” topic invalid.

    You people need to go do something productive with your lives, cause being an internet troll is the most useless way of life. And posting hate about someone else’s life isn’t going to make yours any better, so stop trying to make everyone else miserable.

    Anyway, to Roman and Galina, congrats on your marriage and baby no.2 that’s on the way.
    May your family stay blessed.

  64. hajihye

    God blessing you.
    Your wife looks like a doll and your daughter is so cute.
    I will pray for you and your family.
    Be strong!

  65. Ambrielle

    I can’t believe people would post the ugly,nasty comments that they have.This is a beautiful family and I wish them all the happiness in the world.Stop being evil people and get your life.God bless.

  66. Sharon

    I agree with Ambrielle. Geeez, can people just love who they want? And they little girl looks like her mom. Anyways, glad your husband is doing better after surgery. Wish you guys a happy, healthy life together. .P.S. Can you tell Seth to lay off some of the hair grease…. he is gonna drip all over the place and make somebody slip…lol. Later yawl.

  67. TinaB

    First, congrats to Roman and Galina. True love and happiness is hard to find, with or without money. They are both two beautiful people who made a beautiful daughter.

    Second, where does anyone get off judging what this guy does or doesn’t do with his d!ck? If he chooses to settle down with one woman and make a family, that’s his choice. Who cares about all the other girls he could have, he obviously doesn’t! If you are that offended, why don’t you go out and bang as many woman as your heart desires to compensate. Would you all be happy if he had 10 baby mamas floating around with their hands out for child support? Then you would be calling for him to put his d!ck away… Smh.

    I get the feeling that a lot of negative comments stem from the fact that Galina is black. If he married a white woman, I don’t think people would think he could do better…. Which is sad as well as racist… Ijs. He is with who he chose to be with because he loves her. Get over it.

  68. Elizabeth

    Wow what the most wonderful lovebirds i’ve ever seen in my life.i say congradulations guyz!may the good god bless u and ur daughter

  69. Anonymous

    Vey annoying guys ull are…i mean u dnt have dat right to speak or comme nt on someonedo rudely…colour doesnt matter..d matter is love..i still cant believe stll people are judging not by d hrt but by their face n colour…n dats discussting….i think galina n roman pair a beautiful couple..

  70. Anonymous

    Very annoying guys ull are…i mean like seriously u people judge by face or colour..dats d most discussting part..if u are a true fan of ronan n if u respect him den ull shud respect his choice too…n i think galina is really beautiful..doesnt matter dat she is black or whit…most mattet is she is d wife of our champ roman reigns…i respect both…juat go n wash ur dum braibs as well as ur thinking will..roman u did a good job champ…ur fans like me are proud of

  71. Kimberly

    Hey, I tell it like it is. I agree with Jennifer K. He could have done a hell of a lot better. Galina really isn’t that great looking…her attitude proves it. To me, in most of the pics I’ve seen…they just lack that true chemistry. And what was worth her dirty looks towards Maria and another journalist at Wrestlemania? That was awful nasty of her to shoot dagger looks at other professionals, as they are just doing their job.

  72. Charles remmy

    in Kenya we love u Roman Reigns,am one of your biggest fan ,ever since you were down there …
    now we’re on top ,still am in ya empire man ,keep on on kickin’ the hell outta them …

  73. alicia

    guys roman reigns is too handsome, in whole wwe. so he should have a girl friend who is too pretty as roman.any how i wish he should change his decision and look for g.f who is like him.

  74. sheila

    I’ve never read such hateful comments,some of you need get your eyes checked because roman reigns wife is beautiful.I see lot of you are drinking hateraide at lease have enough courage put your picture on your profile before call someone ugly!!

  75. Gloves

    All this u should have someone prettier or u should date in ur race is actually stupid u fall in love with someone for who they are so you all need to calm down and think about baby goats

  76. tiger

    You sick dumb ass jealous piece of shit shut your filthy brainless mouth and dont comment on my favorite fine sexy wrestler and get back to pointless stupid low life he ia not your business or family member how dare you you worthless bunxh of nobody’s ugly is yourself looking in the mirror.

  77. tiger

    Oh and congratulation Roman and Galina you and your and wife and daughter are all beautiful. And many more bless years ❤ together

  78. William

    Joe I don’t know if you need your damn eyes checked or your head examined Bro?! but that hoe you married is dog ugly!! out of all the beautiful sisters out there and you went through the trash to get her?! Damn son! what the hell were you thinking? did you hate yourself? you have hot babes around you all the time ditch her old looking fake ass! hell time you bought her fake ass and fake boobs and do something with that face you’ll be broke!! take your kid and move on boy!! put someone better on your arm before she brings you dowm! was she a charity case?!! had to be!

  79. Omphile Tom Mabina

    aaaah you guys stop being jealousy of The guy,he actually know the real reason why he chose her amongst all u think they are better than galina..wish u guys happier life..all those bad comments u people are threats

  80. Kimberly Groher

    Hi Roman
    and I’m 100 percent fond of you and guess what I am a female what if you wanna to put me to join the shield someday

    and congratulations for all you do in life being with msBecker

    Cause you just met her she used to be your ex girlfriend and why did you marry her cause why are you dating her can you please stop using her I want you to tell her for getting divorced right now I thought your over her the reason why she married to you cause just for your money&wellPower or she is brainwashing you I don’t care that your in love with her cause you don’t understand woman cause you don’t deserve her or you don’t understand love is cause you could do better without her

    Cause I am the one for you cause I’m the one is falling in Love with you cause I want you to marry me please ( not her ) accept for me

  81. truth teller

    unstable, delusional, psychotic, lonely bitches seek help. Roman was sick and broke and Galina was there and will always be his love. The man loves her and his kids and is never without his wedding band. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

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