Randy Orton’s wife Samantha Orton


  1. KIKI

    Randy, I a a big fan of yours and I love it when you do the RKO move. You are so amazing. I am not spreading rumord or anything but I heard that you had some trouble with the poice over a rape of a girl and you paid off the family. I don’t thin that is ture but is it?

  2. ujjwal

    Randy yu’ve heard it many times but trust me when i say this I am your biggest fan in whole universe.i wish that you take cena out & become the face of wwe.

  3. mary wooding

    Hi,Samantha my name is mary I’m a big fan of your husband I went to two shows just to see him raw live in raighly,NC and smackdown in roanoke. Another thing me and my friends Ricky and ja’kima thinks he’s really hot you are one lucky women and he is a one very lucky man.Also you have a beautiful daughter she is the cutest thing. Well its time for to I have to go to summer school tomorrow bye.

  4. Navraj rai

    Hy samantha, I m Navraj rai from Nepal. I always used 2 watch WWE because ur husband Randy Orton is there. He is my favourite superstar. I like his move “RKO” so much that I broke 2 beds while I tried to learn that move. He is so fearless, honest, brave and revengible superstar. And I like this so much about him. I love him and even I want 2 a great wrestler like him in my future.

  5. Chicky

    Hi! Samantha, I am a big fan of your husband Randy Orton and I am so sad and worry about him because I have not see him lately in any Smack Down or Monday Night Raw shows. I hope he is okay, but I still would like to see any kind of signal that he is coming back. God bless you your husband my favorite wwe superstar and your beautiful daughter.

  6. Prosper springate

    Hello randy orton, I want to rko’d all the wrestlers in the company and win wwe WHC twice. I’m from ghana. I love u very much with all your family.

  7. Katie

    Hey Randy I’m your number one fan.I love watching you do your speical move the RKO.I’ve never been to a show before but really want to.i love you so much my brothers always mess with me because I’m a 6th grader and i still watch wwe.But i really don’t care because I’m the only girl and my dad said I’m the meanest one out of the 5 of us.I’ve told my family that when i get old enough I’m going to become a wwe superstar.I hope my dream comes true and some day I’ll get to meet you.I love you.Oh ya my name is Katherine Duncan but i like to be called Katie but your choice.And I think one thing about me is so dumb I’m only 12 and almost 6 feet tall crazy.bye

  8. richard turner

    My wife and I are fans of Randy. His persona in the ring as the legend killer is as awesome. I wouls ro see him star in a wwe movie. Kinda like cenas marine movie.

  9. opel

    I think Randy is a great man he and my son were marines together and oddly look a like my son is stopped all the time and asked to sign something lol I think Randy and Samantha make a great couple with a sweet little girl that is no doubt her daddy made over! i wish you all the love and happiness always

  10. Jailynn

    Randy i am you’re #1fan. I would love to meet you i just dont have enough money i am in the 4th grade i love you and hope to become a wwe superstar like you im a girl so i want to be a diva champion


  11. Anonymous

    HEY Mr. ORTANT I’m SAAMIRA I’m study in 7th stander, my papa,elder brother & my young brother were the bigest fan of yours .I am also a fan of yours but not big than by brother and his girl friend . I wish you all the best for your future and for your marrid life. always be happy . all the best!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Randy i am from algeria and i am only12 years old in 24/07/2013 tell your wife that i say hi anyway i am really your number one fun but i really did not like when you lost to “daniel brian with the no lock and i hate the shield

  13. kyla .f

    Ummm I love wwe it’s not just wrestling it’s like a dream I like randy orton cause he goes out on that ring and gives and everything he’s got and his momentum is awesome Ummm I mean I wanna be be in the wwe it would be a blessing to stand in a ring that the undertaker, Shawn Michael, tandoori ,aj ,Kaitlyn edge , the list goes on but I have a dream and if I Work hard I can achieve IM young I’ve already got my mind set on WWE IM determined to follow my dream o.a.r. tuamotu for your time.

  14. latorio

    randy orton I like when u do RKO and the power slam Orton and you must beat Bryan I hate him so much and I am your biggest fan ever and I watch u on my TV and I am in new proviend I hope u get a to see me soon I am in Rupert dean lane 44B by Orton and Samantha Orton.

  15. emmanuel bilong

    hi randy this Emmanuel from how are you doing hope is o.k. I just to say I admired violent attitude which you always demonstrate at WWE.BYE

  16. Sharon

    My name is Sharon and am 19 yr i stay at South Africa at {Johannesburg}.The people who know me they call me Shaz Orton.I just want to tell you that i love you and i meant it.I love you to be my husband.You are so amazing,{Glamour}attractiveness,romantic charm and awesome.Iam so happy that you accepting my friends request on facebook.I will always loves you.Randal Keith Orton you are my superstars.You are best wrestler in the world.I would like to meet you one day nd have some fun.I just don’t have enough money to come to you in USA.Hope to bec6e a WWE superstar like you.I want to be a Diva champion.I love WWE because of you Randy Orton.You are good in RKO,THE VIPER AND YOU ARE A GOOD FIGHTER.I LOVE YOU THE LEGEND KILLER

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