Macho Man Randy Savage’s Wife Lynn Payne


  1. Bob Sweeney

    sorry for your loss tried to get a hold of you for the funeral drop me a e-mail i see some of the girls from Mr Freedom please drop me a line hugs and all my love God Bless Sweeney

  2. Jeff Doc

    Randy’s given birth name is “Randy” Mario Poffo and NOT Randall Mario Poffo as stated in your article above.

    Randy’s brother, Lanny, is one of my closest friends and he has confirmed this with me. Randy’s birth certificate says just that: “RANDY” Mario Poffo.

    It’s unfortunate that so many people take Wikipedia as a completely credible source when it’s often not.

    I have since had Wikipedia changed to reflect Randy’s correct name and would appreciate it if it could be corrected in the above article.

    Warmest Regards,


  3. "Crazy-Joe" Buchanan

    I’ve been down with THE MADNESS ever since Randy joined the WWF!!!!….MACHO MADNESS gets me up in the morning when my body wants to stay in bed!!!… other words……I love u RANDALL MARIO POFFO…..FOREVER!!!….and Lynn, you’re a POFFO so of course I love you too……TEAM SAVAGE AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE!!!!! JOE B.

  4. mike voskovitch

    dear lynn – randy and i became dear friends when we were teammates playing pro ball during 1971 and 72 – proud to say that i was his favorite pitcher he caught – met his brother and father during spring training – met randy 15 yrs later when he wrestled in long island ny – my 10 yr old son was with us and it was fantastic – happy that you two had some loving time together – i will always remember him – hope to pitch to randy again some day – if you care to respond please do – warmest regards mike voskovitch

  5. James

    @Jeff Doc you are such I liar. Wiki still shows Randall as his real first name.. even on the documentary they said Randall. Get back in your mom’s basement troll

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