Macho Man Randy Savage’s Ex-Wife Miss Elizabeth (Ann Hulette)


  1. Koola

    RIP to them both. Elizabeth attacking Sheri at Wrestlemania 7 and reuniting with Macho is one great moment!

  2. Gavin Marshall

    The best couple that the WWF (WWE) has ever produced. I remember on 6th July 1991 the edition that Randy proposed to Elizabeth!!! It was really moving and although I was only ten at the time it was really moving!!! I loved the song that they made for Randy and Elizabeth before they married. Its really sad that they didnt have long together (just like Randy and his wife Lynne and Elizabeth and Lex) I hope that they are reunited in heaven as the greatest couple in WWF history!!! RIP Randy and Elizabeth!!!!

  3. heidi

    I will always remember you as the most beautiful woman ive ever met, I grew up wanting to be like you. I never followed your future as i had my own, but today as i am 354 years old, i had the erg to know who you ended up being with, and ended up with the result of your death. You are a true beauty and may God bless you.

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