John Cena’s wife Elizabeth Cena


  1. lisbeht

    these pictures are so dumb…they look like to little 15 years playing boyfriend and grilfriend please JOHN CENA ur what 30 so act like and you to elizabeth cena… sure that ur faithfull to john cena!!!!!!!!!!! sure buddy!!! welll whatever..

  2. Anonymous

    alot of guys wear denim shorts!!!! & whats wrong with Elizabeths hips? maybe you should check your eyes! better yet, check yo face!!!

  3. jo-ann

    I would like to knw if john cena is still married to liz then if he is then why is he not wearing a ring kust asking

  4. michael moroka sesoma

    John cena is a man of his words,was rising above hate still and will ever rising above hate.the reason I like john is because he don’t change what he is from milittery to wwewrestling still the same man,and about relationship it is no one business confidential.

  5. GC

    They’re still married. From what I hear both are not faithful in the marriage. But then again they could have an open marriage. He has no reservations about showing off his wife to the WWE auidence during his shows in Boston. At least he’s not like Randy.

  6. Mishrii Cenaaa

    Ohh Emm Gee ! .
    John You Are Wayy Betterr Than Her But Okayy As Long As Your Happy Im Happy But
    In My World Your Still Minee NuffLuvv !!


    jhon yu beat the brock iam shor yu fight hard brock is so tried then yu hit the brock damaged the brock brock is waste man gold berg is coming brock is live wwe gold berg is no 1 wresler in the bussiness

  8. TY

    I ama hard core JOHN CENA fan from the very day he arrived at the wwe. I think that he is a major HOTTIE!!! But why on the show they are always going after John? I mean I know its acting but honestly. I wish that he wasn’t married but if that is what makes him happy go for it. I hve the biggest crush on hm and I think he is great at what he does. I also think that he could have done better in choosing a wife. She doesn’t seem good enough or worthy. Anyways! I really love how strong of a preson he is. And so caring and charitable he is SO he is all that and more. You just can’t find great good looking caring guys like him out their.

  9. ANN

    I thinknthat their is no hotter wrestler then JOHN CENA!!! I mean OMG!!! he is so great and he takes pictures with his fans visits people an does charity work. I mean what a guy right. He is also tough and he does not take no crap from anyone. I would love to met him in preson. I found out that John Cena and Randy Orton are like friends in real life. So! I was wondering is what I heard about Randy Orton RAPED!!!a sixteen year old girl years ago, and I was wondering does any other wrestling fans know what I’m mean? DOES ANYONE KNOW TE TRUTH ? YES OR NO? JOHN CENA stay LOOKING HOT XOXO.

  10. jessica

    I just wanted to comment on a few things.. elizabeth, u r very beautiful and very deserving to have a guy like john… no one knows him like u and your family. and to all u guys putting her down, you guys need to get a life. of course your not going to find a man someone like john , your too busy wanting what u can never have. and i think that they make a wounderfull couple… not every man is alike. but i can say my husband is enough for me… my husband is my john cena. there are great guys out there, but they;re not going to want some one who get’s off on tearing someone else dwn. rember, take’s a great woman to get a great guy.. god bless elizabeth & john…. :)

  11. Calvin

    i know this may sound a little too over the limit but it was about damn time cena got married, i think maried life suits him to a t now only if he and his wife start a family together?

  12. Nattie

    Soon to be ex wife. Cena filed for divorce from Liz. Guess the rumors of the marriage being not so happy for awhile is true. It’s unfortunate but, marriages don’t last these days. Especially if your a long distance married couple. I.E. Cena being on the road 330 days out of the year and doing a bunch of apperances.

  13. John Cena Strong man Big body images With Wife - My Star Club

    […] Apparently spending 250 days and nights a year on the road with the WWE takes it’s toll on a relationship, as John Cena has filed for divorce from his wife, Elizabeth. According to various sources online, John presented Elizabeth with a monetary divorce settlement offer recently, which she rejected in the name of trying to salvage the relationship. John went along with his plans and filed formal documents to procure the end of the marriage. Source by, Playerwives […]

  14. Shan shan

    I dont expect tis kind of photo from ur side.u r a great wrestler with a bit of should effect ur honesty .we find always an extra decend in dont spoil it.these kind of photos should bealways pesonal .i like u marrying a kerala girl as considered ur soft personality in wwe.

  15. Anonymous

    who cares what he wears or what he does in his personal life if he wants a divorce I am sure there is more to the situation then what we know

  16. jazmin reyes

    I thank that what ever anybody says the hell with it you are the best in and out of the ring and your personal life is no ones problem u keep going on with u life like u have.and i thank that u are the best in and out of the hot sexy man and your wife is beautiful and i hope that u are happy with her love each other 4-ever u both seem to be happy together and god bless u and your family i love u cena.

  17. tune

    Elizabith ur not good enough for the man of my dreams JOHN CENA and he is awesome and strong andhe is a hottty and ur not i support john cena so much more than i do u

  18. pius

    oh man, this can’t be happening. you guyz look so cute together. there is got to be a way to salvage this union. John you are the man, i like u so much, i’m a great fun of yours; your “never back down” spirit has been my motivation all these years though i’m no wrestler. what has happened to it, this is the tym for u never to back out of this challenge (liz and u).YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER.

  19. anna banana

    John u can do better than her. May be u should look 4 a older woman like me.they call me the couger woman. I rule the jungle. I kw how 2 swing. Gd luck.banana

  20. Dawn

    You people need to just stick with being fans and stop taking this
    So seriously. You pay more attention to people who do not recognize
    You exist. There are more important things to worry about other than
    The personal affairs of wrestlers while your doing that they are living their
    Lives this whole thing is out of control why do you tear down Liz and cena
    When they are rich and don’t give a crap about you. Maybe you should get
    Rich and get someone attractive instead of worrying about people who don’t
    Give a crap about you. If your a fan keep it that way why do you care you’ll
    Never be with John and he will never know you only as a fan. Please you side
    Show groupies don’t have a chance get out of your fantasy world

  21. Jessyqwuiin

    the bible says ‘any man that puts his wife away save for fornication commits adultery and causeth her to commit adultery’. i dont know what to say except God have mercy

  22. Anonymous

    i think in the first place she did not deserve john cena in the first place he can find a much better woman than her

  23. maryann kulbus

    For When they left Mass they were very young and she lived in a car together. So now that his looks and money have change you all want him…..His poor wife had all the hard times and now that he is set he leaves her. what a major jackass………not cool John and Karma is a bitch…

  24. Anonymous

    I love you Cena,I am your fans,I will never get tired and bored to watch you every week on RAW,I Love you Cena. I hope you happy forever,GOD bless you

  25. Anonymous

    I know you are married I just want to say I love you so much john cena God loves you Courtney loves you to john cena God please help john cena elbow get better I will pray for you john cena I love you john cena you are the best john cena I ever had I love you so much john cena to john cena from Courtney

  26. Anonymous

    I love you johncena God please help johncena elbow to feel better I love you john cena john cenayou are my super hero I love you johncena you are the best johncena I ever had I love you johncena tojohncena fromcourtney

  27. courtney

    I love you john cena you are my superhero johncena I love you johncena You are the best johncena I ever had johncena you are my superhero can you hold me in my dream johncena I love you johncena to johncena fromcourtney

  28. courtney

    John cena I wish I could meet you right now at my school at leap. u are the best john cena i ever had John Cena can you come to my school at leap and visted me I want a big hig and a picture with you john cena to john cena from Courtney I want a big hug from john cena right now before to bed tonight I love you john cena

  29. courtney

    john cena u rock I love you so much you are the best when I was sick I looked at you and you made me feel better.john cena I want you to hold me in my dream. to john cena from Courtney

  30. Cory elliott

    hi Elizabeth this is Cory I am a big fan of the WWE and with John Cena I’ve been watching the WWE since I was 4 years old and I’m 34 years old I live in Antioch California and I just read that you guys are divorced I am so sorry to hear that by looking at your pictures you mean a cute couple however John is stupid on for divorcing you no woman should go through that you deserve better I know you don’t know me or know what I look like every tells me I look like Paul Walker from fast furious or Tim McGraw but if you’re not seeing nobody I would love to take you out and possibly meet my cell phone number is 925 826-4555 a little bit about myself I do have brown hair baby blue eyes I’m white I’m Scottish Irish and Native American never been married have no kids and I’ve been single for 11 years I am on Facebook and I weigh about 205 pounds in the job I do is I move buildings for a living I I put houses on trucks and then I Drive them from one location to the other by looking at your pictures you’re a beautiful woman and if you have kids that’s OK too but please call me and let me know if you want to meet PAcino :-) hopefully I can see you and meet you before Christmas if I don’t have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year your best friend Cory Elliott

  31. jamie

    no one but liz and john knows what happened in this marriage. whoever was unfaithful was wrong and let lust get in the way of their lives. sorry it had to reach this far. u guys had a lifetime together pls don’t throw it away. it takes alot of sacrifice to be married to a celebrity. i hope u guys re-think your decisions. don’t be to eager to take the wrong step. good luck. keep praying. lol.

  32. sexy

    boy,i like JC and i have a question….why is john cenas body is so broad…i also want mine to be like that….can anyone tell me

  33. Rose Pimentel

    Hi Elizabeth,You and John looked so good together and i wish your marriage would of worked out but having a traveling man is hard..Cause there has to be alot faithfullness an trustful..I really don’t care for that girl he is with right now and i hope he opens his eyes and realizes she is trying to force marriage n kids on him cause she will knock it to him if she ever gets pregant she is playing him!!!God Bless you and i hope you have a very Blessed future.

  34. Gerry

    Hi Liz just seeing how u are doing been
    A while sense we were friends on Facebook
    Sorry to hear john and u got divorced us
    Were good together how’s little one doing
    If remember u having a baby cena or no i heard wrong love u friend miss reading
    How u feel not afraid to open up say ways on our mind

  35. Nikki

    You People are weird!! You do not even know These people. Just bc they are in the spotlight does not mean you know the first thing about them!! Ugh live your lives and stop obsessing over someone else’s…

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