John Cena’s girlfriend Nikki Bella


  1. Matthew

    You are such a good fighter and so is cena and how can you beat up your sister like that really but any way you and vena make a good team good blees you all

  2. Donna Simpkins

    Hi Nikki, I love watching the show Total Divas. They really need to have that show on the air more. How are you and John Cena doing. When are you to going to get married. I would really like to become your pen pal and keep in touch. You are a very good woman wrestler. Keep up the good work and keep training. Please respond back. Your fan Donna

  3. jade

    hey cena i am a huge fan i want to know if you and nikki bella are getting married i hope yall do ireally want you to i want you john cena to beat seth rollins for thr wwe world heavyweight championship go cena i love you good job beating rusev the champ is here you cant see me i have your new green shirt and your old green shirt and i have a poster of you and with your autograph

  4. noor.mohammad

    hey cena i like your wrestling i watched all time your wrestling i liked alot i am from afghanistan but i always see your wrestling someday i will come to america to see you close and my son like you too he ask me to buy for him your shirt i bought it for him and it has your picture ok god bless you thanks and again i say i will see you someday .thanks best regads noor

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