Jim “Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig’s wife Dana Hellwig


  1. jimmy

    the warrior was a sort of larger than life hero to me…he was in inspiration I watch his videos daily I needed my warrior fix..I’m glad he got into the Hall of Fameand found himself back in the wrestling ring it seems he was truly happy…I’m deeply saddened and sorry for your loss I feel like a part of my childhood has passed away with himbut the warrior spirit will live foreverfloating through the veins in the power of the warriorS..

  2. Amanda

    Dana and Family- Your husband and father will always be a legend in many eyes I grew up with the warrior and today and always will be my favorite. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of your loss..he will always be my forever hero.

  3. Nick

    God bless you and your children. Your husband was, is, and always will be a legend to all those who love wrestling. One day you will meet again. Always believe…

  4. Brandon B

    Dana and family,
    Your husband was truly an inspiration. He touched the lives of so many and he was a pureexample of being your own man and walking the walk. Truly a tragedy. He made all of us a little better.

  5. Brenton

    ….Where do I begin…The blood sweat and tears your huband put into his wrestling career and the character he created will be remebered forever. His devotion to his family will also be the reason i looked up to him and will continue to do so in my adult life. R i p Waaarrrior!

  6. David Perez

    WARRIOR will live forever in our hearts. He was the epitome of of wrestling and as a husband and father. Rest in Peace my Friend…

  7. Rodney Mckee

    Growing up I knew he was something special. I knew this guy has something for american youth … male or female the Warrior was Ultimate in our eyes no matter what. The power of his voice, the heart of many … strength as a real hero that we all read about! I’ve been a fan for many years my heart cried out when I heard the news it still hurts today and forever more. But at the heavens gate stands one true Warrior dressed in gold ! Our Warrior your husband our hero forever in our hearts ! AMEN , prayers for all and family continue prayers for you …. stay strong !

  8. Caryn Cheeney

    Dana, I don’t know if you remember Rich & I, and our trip to Santa Monica. So sorry to hear about your loss. Our hearts are hurting for you and your daughters. Our prayers go out to you. I know you will have the strength to pull through, glad to see he got the recognition he deserved from the WWE.
    Would love to catch up!
    Caryn & Richard Cheeney

  9. Rasheen

    It took me hours to actually believe it but it sunk in now, I’m gonna miss his injections of inspiration!!!! He was put on this earth to inspire people to reach the next level in life to better your life. I was a warrior then and I will forever and always be a warrior, until my heart stops beating and my lungs stops breathing….I’ve never heard anything bad about him from people that met him only from wrestlers that hated the fact that he was so “green” and 5 times more popular than they were….he was my favorite wrestler of all time…my love and prayers go out to his wife and family…..DAMN!!!!! (my Ron Simmons voice) ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!!!!!!

  10. wallace dingess

    I am so sorry for your loss. Since hearing about the tragedy I have not been able to sleep,like so many other fans its like a part of my childhood has gone with him. In wrestling he was is and forever will be #1 no one else even comes close he was and will always be my hero. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughters. Its like a family member of my own has gone.

  11. Daniel Raper

    Mrs. Hellwig, words cant express how heartbroken and utterly shocked that I and the world are at this moment! Your husband was a excellent person and was a role model for young kids. I grew up watching him and seeing the energy he put forth in each and every match he wrestled in. My only regret is that I never got to meet him. I hope that you find some comfort when you are down in reading what I and other WARRIOR FANS have written about him. His spirit is going to live on FOREVER!!!! He was amazing and will truly be missed by us fans! GODBLESS you maam and hug your little girls for all us WARRIOR fans to let them know that they are not alone in this difficult time.

  12. James

    god bless you and your family I am sorry for your loss I was so happy tos ee Ultimate Warrior finally got inducted into the Hall of FameI have been waiting for him to be inducted for a very long time I watched WrestleMania and I watch Monday Night Raw he was my childhood hero and will be missed dearlyrest in peace James Hellwig

  13. john N

    Dana: Mrs Warrior, you have been in my thoughts and prays. When i saw the looks on you and your moms face at the HOF and when i saw our icon walk out on stage i knew there was something wrong with his health , which struck me as odd, healthy men dont just get unhealthy. I know there is much that you cant say and i know dana, the Warrior had not just haters at that company that i also once gave my heart to but they were his bitter ( not to be trusted ) enemies. I know about all of the phony smiles,false hugs and venomous kisses from hypocrites you’ve had to endure over the last two years or when ever it was that jim warrior started going back around his enemies at that selfrighteous company, do not trust them my friend. I didnt know warrior personally but my eyes are filled with rivers and my heart a wilderness, stay strong my friend and always believe. Much love and respect for You ,your family and Warrior whos Spirit lives on. Dont hold back dana ,speak whats on your heart, and do not fear warriors and your enemies that are rejoycing inside themselves over Warriors grave.

  14. Armindo

    I still can’t believe he’s gone . I am truly sorry for your lose . Like many I was and still am a huge fan I grew up being a warrior. So sad god bless you and your family be strong rest in peace warrior. Believe…..

  15. Noel

    I felt like a part of me got taken away after learning the news. How I wish it was one of those hoax again but when WWE confirmed it, I felt sad that it’s true. No matter what other people may say about the warrior, call him crazy and all, he will always be my hero!

    So many wrestlers have died over the years but Warrior’s death had the most effect on me because being a father as well, I can’t help but feel for his kids seeing how much he loved them during the hall of fame.

    RIP my hero! I will always believe!

  16. Ed Chesney

    Dana.. Never met you but I lived with Jim while we were in chiropractic school he was a nice guy… We had a lot of time when we spoke of our dreams for our lives… As a Christian.. I will pray for you and the girls… Text me if you ever want to talk… God bless you… Ed Chesney

  17. Jessica Klinger

    First I’d like to say I’m very sorry for your loss. When I was a teenager your husband was my role model and I looked up to him. Me and my family were in the Philadelphia Marriott, we would go and try to meet wrestlers…your husband was very nice to my mom and my sister…then and there I had another reason to admire and respect him. I have to say I’m sure there were many tears shed over the loss of such a legend. God bless you and your family, he is one of gods angles now. Much respect and condolences to you and you family.

    Sam Klinger

  18. Jessica

    I remember Ultimate Warrior’s debut when I was almost ten years old, within a few weeks he became my favorite wrestler, whenever his music came on I’d jump for joy! Such an inspiration and phenomenal legend! He was a huge part of my happiest times in my childhood. He will live in my heart always! God rest his soul forever. He will always be with you and your daughters for his legend is immortal!

  19. Fufu

    Ultimatr Warrior u are my hero i never forget u sad we never meet in real ur friend

    Beat aka Fufu from switzerland …………….u show me a way to fight my hole life tourgh thank u god blees u

  20. Eugene


    I’am so sorry for your loss. I grew up watching the Ultimate warrior as a kid and even to this day remained a loyal fan of him. I was at work when my brother in law texted me the news on warrior. I couldnt believe it and as I googled it I was shocked and heart broken. I started to cry inside my office as I read the news. I always wished I got to see him in person and I was so happy to see him get inducted into the H.O.F it made me so happy. He will always be apart of my childhood and will always be an inspiration to me. I will always remember him and treasure him forever. God Bles him and your family stay strong and he will always be with you and daughters. For is a legend,Icon, Hero and an Immortal. Ultimate Warrior spirit will run forever..

  21. Butch Brown

    Dana, Indy and Mattie,
    Your husband and father is one of the finest persons to grace this earth, with that being said we will sadely all miss him and remember him in the ring . Please know we are thinking of and praying for you in your time of sorrow.

    Our thoughts are with you,

    Butch and Sharon Brown

  22. Nazim Hannoun

    Dana, your husband was a hero of mine in the late 80’s early 90’s i always dreamt of him one day returning and hearing his music again, even though i stopped watching wrestling in the mid 90’s. A part of my childhood has been taken away. God bless and hope Jesus takes care of you and your children.

  23. Johannah Cohen

    The ultimate warrior was a huge part of my life thought about him every day
    and wondered what he was upto on the other side of world in parts unknown
    I always was inspired by every thing he did and was always glued to the tv
    and watching this stunning superstar with the mask he wore to cover his ID
    and his wrestling gear he wore
    I loved the long coats he wore to the ring I will miss him every day of my life
    but keeping the ultimate warrior power inside me and keeping his spirit alive always and
    Forever he will be sadly missed
    R.i.p jim hellwig (ultimate warrior) our hearts go out to dana and indy and mattie
    all my love to you all at sad time
    hugh ultimate warrior fan

  24. Floyd Porter

    We will all miss the Ultimate Warrior… There will never be anyone like him. I watched him when I was a child. I love you Ultiimate Warrior..

  25. Sara

    Matt wrestles with our son Jared at Ken Chertow’s. Praise God for the new heart! May Dana’s Guardian Angel watch over her today and guide her saelfy through surgery. Prayer’s for healing and strength in the month’s to come. Steve, Betsy and Jared.

  26. Jackson Gaanaina

    To Dana & Family [Posthumous condolences]-As a South African I got to say that because he so lavishly gave that which the good Lord blessed him with,he’ll forever be my inspiration and a hero.He’ll always be part of us. The master of ‘intensity’ will be sorely missed, but his spirit ‘ll always be with us. May his soul rest in peace and may the good Lord continue to strengthen you!

  27. Ricky Naicker

    I am watching wrestling for 37 years and the Ultimate Warrior was and will definitely be my favourite.
    Dana you and the Ultimate girls can be so proud of the genius that is now in heaven.I
    Grew up watching the warrior and loved all that was warrior.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Forever missed, by your ultimate fan.
    Ricky Naicker
    South Africa

  28. roger hamilton

    For Dana Hellwig only.

    president brookhouse pictures. If it is not too soon since the sudden passing of your husband, I have a proposed screenplay that I feel would honor the Warrior’s message and memory.

  29. Randy Mickelson

    I new a jim hellwig when I was a young boy in wisconsin The warrior was a awesome wrestler and still is an icon

  30. faris cowart

    Best body in pro wrestling.
    Underrated wrestler..most
    Unusal person. Maybe the best
    All around wrestler.loved
    Intertviews.incredible energy and power.hulk hogan/ ultimate warrior. All time best.with
    Andre the giant.these guys are superstars. The rest are good. Jim helwig/ ultimate warrior.
    Maybe the best all time.total

  31. faris cowart

    best physique in pro wrestling and great wrestler and great energy! interviews made me laugh. best imterviews.easy hall of famer! all time greats!
    faris cowart/cowartfar@aol.com/google faris cowart

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