Dave Bautista’s wife Angie Bautista


  1. Patrick Lunt

    Lost my mom to cancer in 2005. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. My hope is that someday in the near future they might find a way to stamp out this horrible disease which lives dormant in each and every one of us.

  2. Deborah carden

    I was sad to here that Angie had cancer I am from Brisbane Australia I was really happy when u returned I am going to get the las test DVD and the movie u are in I am a big fan

  3. Hector Rivera

    Sorry to hear about the c’ word, I wish you the best health in the world take care…
    From your biggest fan hector.

  4. Riannon Wagoner

    Best Video to fight cancer! Thank you Bautista family! You’re wife is a big inspiration for people who have and don’t have cancer! May you be blessed by god with more miracles!
    Riannon Wagoner

  5. jesse levesque templeton

    hi angie how are you doing. i have heard a lot about you and i am interested in dating you and getting to know you more.i would like to take you out to eat or go to the movies with you.if you would like to talk to me let me know and we can talk on facebook

  6. Derrick Sullivan

    Hey Angela, it’s Sully from Charleston. We met right after we both got divorced. I’m still in Mt. Pleasant and am trying to find you. This is a long shot but worth a try. If you get this, email me or I’m. on facebook.

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