Ryan Blaney’s girlfriend (but really sister) Emma Blaney

Ryan Blaney's girlfriend

Emma Blaney was told to Google the phrase, “Ryan Blaney’s girlfriend” back in 2013. She was a bit afraid of what she’d find – turns out it was her! The thing about that is: it’s very easy to see why people could be under that false impression. Ryan hangs out with his sisters a lot. That includes his younger sister, Erin, who just graduated high school. I mean, this guy hangs out with his sisters…

Chase Elliott’s girlfriend Kaylie Green

Chase Elliott's girlfriend Kaylie Green

Chase Elliott’s girlfriend Kaylie Green is a very young college student who is set to graduate in 2019. She’s also a sorority member of Alpha Delta Omega (in case you’re keeping up with a list of sororities and a checklist at home). Kaylie is a football fan, and she’s recently brought up that the upside to the Super Bowl and the end of the football season is that the NASCAR season starts the day after….

Kasey Kahne’s girlfriend Sam Sheets

Kasey Kahne girlfriend Sam Sheets- FabWags

The big talk revolving around Kasey Kahne’s girlfriend Sam Sheets is that she’s expecting a baby with Kasey some time in October. She’s got the baby registry ready to go, and other sites have talked about how she’s pretty much just been a mystery to everyone until now– when Kasey made the announcement. He said something to the effect of “I didn’t realize how badly I wanted a child until now when I heard she…

Austin Dillon’s girlfriend Whitney Ward

Austin Dillon's girlfriend Whitney Ward-Instagram

Austin Dillon’s girlfriend Whitney Ward is a pretty hot cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans. We’ve seen some hot cheerers in our time, and Whitney’s got that classic fun and flirty vibe about her. Most of her good friends seem to be other cheerleaders, which suggest that she is capable of making friends among her cheering peers (always increases the value of a good cheerleader girlfriend). Earlier this year, Austin Dillon’s girlfriend Whitney had the honor…

Jamie Little’s husband Cody Selman

Jamie Little's husband Cody Selman

Alright, so since we normally try to focus on the ladies in the relationship, we’re going to try to give you a picture of the life led by both of these people. Jamie Little’s husband Cody Selman is a former manager of Kyle Busch, and I guess that means he was a business manager but it could also mean he was involved in pit activity. Either way, Cody’s connection to Jamie came through Kyle. Jamie…

Brennan Poole’s girlfriend Lindsey Giannini

Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Giannini

Brennan Poole’s girlfriend Lindsey Giannini just found out that she will be advancing to the Miss America Pageant. Lindsey is a sweet lady who does a lot of stuff outside of dressing up pretty and being congenial. She even gets together with girl scouts to tell them not to text and drive. I’m referencing a picture of her standing with a sign that reads “stay alive: don’t text and drive” while being surrounded by a…

Casey Mears’ Wife Trisha Mears

Casey Mears' wife Trisha Mears - Instagram

Casey Mears’ wife Trisha Mears has long been known as one of those elite NASCAR girlfriends in the sense that she’s just very attractive and stylish. I’m fairly certain they were dating since before 2010, and they are now happily married with a couple of little ones and a fun, active lifestyle. When Casey’s not driving, he’s at home playing soccer with his kids or even hiking with Trisha if they can find a babysitter….

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