James Reimer’s wife April Reimer


  1. aspen

    Hi i am aspen. i am doing a assment how is your favourite athlete i picked your hasbend James Reimer. I have be a hung fan of his. can u get hime to e mail me back our answer my leeter i sent to him in grade7 that will help. my name is aspen schwartz. thanks

  2. RatBastid

    If the girl is in grade 7, and you send a reply like that, you have some major insecurity issues and should be seeing a counselor. Besides, your husband is an awful goaltender who is lucky to be sitting on the bench with other bonafide NHLers.

  3. Don

    seriously, an awful goaltender? Have you seen James’ numbers? While playing on a team incapable of defense Reimer has an impressive 64-43-15 record with 11 career shutouts… Nonis made an irrelevant trade when he acquired Bernier, wasn’t necessary. If he’d have invested the same attention on acquiring a defenseman capable to playing in the defensive end clearing the trash from in front of the net then Reimers numbers would only be better. Reimer is still young, he’s a fantastic goaltender with a huge upside and he’s only going to get better..though I will admit he does need to work on his glove hand.

  4. Bluma

    How ignorant some (very few) people can be. James is obviously trying his best and April, you are a beautiful, caring and supportive wife to him. Try to block out the world around, hold fast to your faith and you both know that He is in control. Love to you both and prayers for strength and guidance.

  5. Carmen grassa

    So sorry to hear of all this disgraceful behaviour! These people making these rediculous comments have zero class and obviously don’t know their hockey because last I checked hockey was a team sport not just a goalie sport. I am writing to tell you how much I admire not just james Reimer but the entire toronto maple leaf team. I could only imagine the preasure these young men feel to win for our city. It is evident to me that this team cares and works hard for their fans and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, you should all be proud of yourselves! Go Leafs Go!

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