Martin Brodeur’s wife Genevieve Nault


  1. Abida Babida

    I agree with Jerseygirl, who cares how they met…Marty is the second best goalie in the history of the game….right behind #1=KING HENRIK.
    So he married his sister-in-law then. (his wife’s brother’s wife)…that means if they have kids together, they will will be their kid’s mother & father as well as aunt & uncle.

  2. Joe Schmoe

    I am a diehard Flyers fan, but I agree with JerseyGirl, Martin Brodeur is the best goalie ever- his #’s dont lie. Patrick Roy #2 all time.

  3. brian jackson

    King Henrik??? He should not even be in the discussion for greatest of all time. Grant Fuhr, Curtish Joseph, Patrick Roy, along with Martin Brodeur all have a case but not Henrik Lundqvist.

  4. FlyersFan

    The new wife is the original children’s Aunt, and now she is also their step-mom. And the new child is a cousin and half-sibling to the original children. Complicated family tree.

  5. Flyergirl

    Brodeur may be a good goalie, but is a piece of trash as a human along with his current wife. You are invited to stay in the family home and you have an affair just after his wife gives birth. Cheater is a cheater. Brodeur and Nault are no role models Karma!!!

  6. MD

    First of all, those passing judgment take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve made a mistake. Once you are honest with yourself, listen to the song “Human” by the Human League, and “Human” by Christina Perri.

    Got it? Now go out and live an honest life. Just remember when the urge to judge surfaces, look in the mirror! We all live and die in sin.

    Thanks, and good luck

  7. Paul

    Only a Leafs fan would throw Cujo’s name out there as greatest all-time. At least 3 other Leaf goalies alone were better than him.
    Fuhr? Really? Laughable.

  8. Cleavon

    UUUUMMMMM! who really cares about these Pro’s personal life? we pay and watch their stellar performance and athletic ability. who cares about the rest?

  9. Josie

    Was at the wedding and it is true! She married JP the brother for student loans and was supposed to help with the kids, True story!,

  10. johnny hockey

    nothing wrong with martin brodeur actions. His wife was pregnant and couldn’t perform her wifely duties. What’d you expect him to do?

  11. Ed

    Brodeau was a great goalie, but a creep as a human being. If I was his child, I would spit in his face every time I saw him. His fans will ignore his immorality and creepiness because he won the Devils stanley cups…which is very sad. It is saying that it is OK to be evil as long as you are a great athlete. He embraced the ‘devil” within himself…too bad he didn’t play for a team called the Saints or Angels LOL.

    Brodeau, you may be worshipped by human fans, but this life is only temporary..where you are going is a very nasty place…but you deserve it!!

  12. Patricia ( Trish) Suvino

    I think that as long as he left his personal drama at home and played to the best of his ability, who cares what he did privately!!!! Love you Marty! Anytime you are in Bayonne NJ, send me an EMAIL and I will be absolutely THRILLED!!!! Trish

  13. Justin

    I’ve always admired Marty’s athleticism, but most of all the way he handles himself (when interviwed). When I heard about the divorce and whom he was having the affair with I was shocked. Long story short, I don’t respect any man who cheats on his wife. I lost (at least some) respect for Marty. I’ve been married a little over five years, almost 10 years overall to the same woman. I see some really attractive women here and there, but I’ll only look and not touch.

  14. rob

    be thankful social media wasnt around when this happpened he be like tiger woods less the GOAT ..YOUR LUCKY BUD VANISH AND BE THANKFUL

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