Vincent Jackson’s wife Lindsey VanDeweghe


  1. Anonymous

    So heres the scoop – Lindsey lived in El Cajon, she went to SDSU then moved to LA to be an aspiring actress – when that fell through she moved back to San Diego and was a bottle service waitress at a bar downtown. That is where she met VJ. They dated for a couple years off and on, and then got married.

  2. Vickie

    I agree, she is sicapel. My sicapel valentine baby girl. She stole my heart when she was born on Valentines day and I have enjoyed watching her grow all her life. You get to spend everyday with her now, and I know how much fun it can be! I wish she lived next door, so I could see her more often. Take care of her and little Lily! Soon you will have two precious girls to take care of! YEA!Love you too, Gary,MOM2

  3. Lika

    His wife used to always be a substitute at my school, and she even was a part time teacher for a pregnant one.

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