Ryan Fitzpatrick’s wife Liza Barber


  1. DJ Pullout

    I only wish I could propose in a McDonalds. It would be an honor. Speaking of which…. I might have McDOnalds for lunch today.

  2. Bob T

    Ryan is a great guy. A perfect fit for Buffalo. He is down home, down to earth and to the best of my knowledge does not own a surfboard.

  3. EM

    Great story! It’s refreshing to read about a couple who actually got an education first, and a guy who was smart enough to marry a woman with a brain instead of just a cheerleader with a “chest!”

  4. Jerry Flowers

    Welcome to Houston!!! We look forward to the next couple of years with you and your family and I hope you enjoy Houston! It is a great city! We love our football team!!! Let’s get this Super Bowl! Go TEXANS!!!

    Jerry Flowers
    RE/MAX Fine Properties
    The King Team

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