Leonard Fournette’s girlfriend Jamie Jones


  1. Stacy

    The writer`s gotta cocky attitude. Must be a ghetto hoodrat ghetto nigga bitch. Talks just like one with a bitchy attitude so it has to be one. White bitches don`t talk like that.

  2. Kash

    I love Jaymee. She is truly a sweet young lady with a heart of gold. I had a chance to meet her in person and she was very kind to me. TEAM JAYMEE

  3. GuestStar

    Hey stacy,

    STFU! “White bitches don’t talk like that” – you trying to say that trashy whites – men and women – can’t make snarky online comments? Dumb-@ss! ANYONE can make a snarky comment online – get used to it you stupid-@ss b!tch!

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