Russell Wilson’s Girlfriend Snow Phat


  1. Hella don't

    There is NO way this is true. Just no way … LOL!!!
    But I could totally see Marshawn Lynch checking this out.

  2. Anna

    Russell Wilson, love you dude. But damnnnnn. What are you thinking? Don’t go from an emotional situation to a Hoochie mama. You are better than that and deserve better. As a mother of four men, I hope she is a passing fling if that’s the case protect your sperm’s. If she is not I will pray for your happiness. However, you stay focused on football and I will get the hell out of your personal life.

  3. Anna

    One last thing Mr. Wilson. Fire your PR team as there is nothing wrong with your image. It pisses me off that a black man has to be edgy are maybe ghetto to be excepted by the urban Community. I can tell you that A Big butt, bleach blonde is the wrong way to go.
    Just be yourself

  4. Beach Bum


    Are you effin’ crazy? This chick is HEINOUS! When you dump your college sweetheart you’re supposed to UPGRADE, you idiot!!

    WTF is up with Seattle’s African American players? That place obviously lacks AA females, ’cause y’all are snatching up bottom-of-the-barrel OGRESSES! Damn!!!!!!

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