Russell Wilson’s wife Ashton Wilson (Divorce Announced)


  1. Ron Johnson

    You people are disgraceful…and I KNOW the IDIOTS who are trashing a cute woman WISH they could get someone’s GRANDMAMA to suck their NASTY, SAGGY, DISGUSTING balls…JERK OFF like we all know you do….PATHETIC!!! Congratulations to Russell and his lovely wife…..BEST OF LUCK!!!

  2. a WI Alumni

    Congrats Russell and Ashton. You make a beautiful couple. Make the most of your lives and thank you, Russell, for a wonderful football seaon last year. Peace.

  3. Lvbtcapt

    Who cares what she looks like, are you that shallow? Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re american’ts.

    Russel, looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!


  4. Doc W.

    Ashton, there will be many things said about you and Russ durning his career. Many of them will be good, but some of them will be bad. Ashton you and Russell have a great chance at a wonderful life and certainly that is what I wish for you. Please take that and run with it. Next time I’m in Seattle I’ll buy you guys a cup of coffee and a bone for that cute doggy of yours. By the way…isn’t tomorrow your anniversary..? Happy anniversary !!!


  5. james

    congrads on a good football season, and a beautiful wife. plz dont worry about these haters and losers, young brother and young sista stay happy, do yo thing……

  6. Kitty

    I am SO happy for the both of you. I have seen your true love and am thrilled to see the wedding pics! Let these haters hate. I know and have seen the strength in both of you individually, but especially together as a couple. All my love and respect-Kitty

  7. Richard

    Um Earl@ it the other way around these girl chase the Athletes and it a smart move on their part when you think about it. This goes all the way back to prep school.

  8. LKH

    Wow. I know that hateful, sick and envious people exist in this world but when I see it in a forum like this it makes me feel so fortunate to have the husband, friends and family that I have. I pray for you. What a horribly sad life you must wake up to every morning. Russell Wilson seems like an intelligent and focused guy who has a great future ahead of him. Best of luck to Russell and his lovely bride.

    P.S. I can’t believe this site allows people to spew this kind of hatred towards athletes and their loved ones. It’s just disgusting.

  9. JoJo

    Jesus took a major beating. And he warned that anyone who stood in His name could expect to take one too. But, I suspect Russell already knows this. He is a class act, a major talent and an excellent role model.

    What God has brought together, let no man seek to destroy. I wish the couple a long healthy marriage filled with lots of little baby Russells. (FutureQBs lol)

    Keep in mind beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone. His wife makes him happy. She is likely his equal in every way. Good hearted and sincere. She loves him and he loves her. That’s awesome. God teaches us that the greatest thing there us is love.

  10. thebirdsareback

    Half these sick fucks wouldn’t say shit if Russel was in the room with them. As a matter of fact, the only way these idiots can get there disgusting thoughts out are through forums that allow anonymity. Pussies! id crush you if you talked like that around me. Now for mr. wilson and his lovely wife, what a great story. I hope they live a happy life, just dont ever win the superbowl against my RAVENS. Peace

  11. Eric

    My favorite football player and my favorite athlete period. You two make a great couple. I someday would love to meet you both. I live in St Louis. I wish you nothing but love and success !! To Russ and Ashton ,I give you my best !!

  12. Monica Rose

    Russell & Ashton

    You are a beautiful couple – my husband & I have been married 25 years & he loves his SEAHAWKS – Ashton you are absolutely beautiful – don’t listen to negativity !

    We have been married 25 years & I wish you both the same happiness

    Russell I have taken my husband to many Seahawk games & we will come & watch you – soon

    Lots of Love & Luck

    Monica & Joel Rose
    Nome, Alaska

  13. Stu

    Why everybody busting on his wife’s looks?

    True, she aint no supermodel but she aint ugly, neither. Plus, not all black guys like big round fat asses on their women. Russell is just like me — we prefer the thin white girls with the tight & tiny little butts because we know how good dat ass is gonna look late at night bouncing on our dicks by candlelight, nigga!

  14. Lisa Bennett

    Truly a gorgeous couple inside and out! I wish them a long, happy marriage and life!

    Go Seahawks!

    P.S. You Haters out there spewing nonsense about “marrying your own race” have exposed your parents’ preference for marrying their own relatives.

  15. pete

    Mr & Mrs. Wilson.
    I don’t know you. but I know something about mixed relationship and the children that comes from them,and I love each one the same being African-American my blood line is mixed as well but the conversation about race last about the same length as it takes to say hi,also we are a family that stands not behind them but side by side,and dare anyone to say something stupid we will have a answer for the but we don’t have to defend them they do a dam go job of it themselves.
    We believe that you love who you love,not who somebody else says you should as your wife said live in the moments of right know,don’t let lose who you both are just be who you are the rest will take care of its self,and as far as how wife looks as long as you love her to hell with the rest,good luck in life two the both of you.

  16. jean

    At least he isn’t as shallow as most of the players that need fake boobs. Those are the ones that marry for money and do the chasing. These two have been together since high school. No one new he would make it to the pros then.

  17. Anonymous

    Why do successful have to settle for white women… the only time white women want black man is when they got money. Fuck them white women…

  18. Ed

    Good Luck Ashton and Russell you are a great couple and I wish you the best of luck. Pay no attention to the Idiots.

  19. Jodi Winks

    So I just wanted to say that I admire both you and your wife Russell. It’s always great to see you week after week visiting your fans who love and need a boost. Russell I wasn’t a football fan at all UNTIL you played for the Badgers. That energy that you create on that football field is electric. The fact that you do whatever it takes to make the play is well from within you but sent from the Almighty. Thank you for being a great role model and not being ashamed of your faith. Stay classy and PLEASE don’t read the hater’s post. They’re jealous.
    Thank you Russell and Ashton.

  20. Seriou

    I believe any person who date outside their race has a mental disorder and suffer with identity crisis and low self esteem. Subconsciously, they believe “other” than what they are is better . It’s sad. Also, I believe there is a war on black women. Call it the Michele Obama effect, but white women are being promoted with white women. Look at the television how many white women are hooked up on sitcoms , talk shows, sports, included with white women. Go broncos Peyton knows who he is and is nit ashame of it. Oh by the way. I am black and proud. Male. I love me some black women.

  21. Serious

    The whit men are okay with the white women dating these black men because most of the time the woman outlive the man so the money come back to the white race . All about the almighty dollar

  22. Tdog

    Just out of curiousity, I looked at the majority of the African American athletes wives/girlfriends on the Seahawks and in some major sports period and I could not help to notice that the majority of them are romantically linked to either white women, black women who are so light that they look white, or women who would be classified as other. Yes. I believe that you should love who you love but I cannot help but to think that there is something going on as to why once African American men get famous or have money, etc, for some reason, they do not look to African American women, especially ones that may be darker toned, as beautiful. It is definitely a quesitons that has been on my mind for a while. If love really was blind, why don’t we see white athletes with African American women? What do you think would be said if the majority of famous white athletes would have an African American woman, especially one of a dark hue, on their arm? I just don’t think it would be so acceptable. I can’t help to think that a lot of African American men just have such low self-esteem problems that they just don’t feel successful unless they have someone white or so close to white on their arms. This is not to say that that is true in all cases but it is in most. It’s kinda sad.

  23. doc

    The fact that she is white is disappointing to black females like myself but it is reassuring that she knew him before his millions not after. Russell Wilson’s parents are both black by the way. This just points to a bigger matter in sports/black community – self hate. In order to have the American “dream” you have to have a nonblack spouse. Why? It does not help that sport teams/agents tell these young impressionable players that in order to get the million dollar endorsement you would be better serve to have a “educated” woman by your side then a ghetto women. Being a doc myself, all black women are not ghetto and we are educated. Stats show that 80% black men marry black women and 72.8 % black male athletes marry black women. Do not believe the media that is further promoting hate. Better if she was a sister but congrats.

  24. SamantaIvy

    What make you people THINK Wilson is 1/2 white? He is 100% Black African-American. Wow…ignorance is bliss.

    His wife isn’t pretty at all and she looks much older than she really is. If she makes him happy then be it.

  25. usla mom

    I see nothing wrong with different races getting together. I just feel so bad for black men because they’re going to spend their entire lives trying not to feel inferior to white men. They get the fame, money, and status but still feel inadequate until they get them a non- black woman. They have thrown us under the bus and now they want to say we’re the reason why they’ve strayed. But the main person to blame for the interracial explosion is the white man. The white man does not have the ability (size does matter with ww) to satisfy these over sexed women of theirs. White women are so freaky and every time they see a black man they get wet just thinking about one of those Mandingos giving it to them.

  26. Blkisbeautiful

    I was torn with the Superbowl because I love the Manning boys but I thought that Russell was cute and was glad of #40 with the Seahawks. He is deaf & my brother is deaf & was a tremendous athlete in High School. However, I was curious to find out Russell’s girlfriend & found he was married. Color is coming into a new light because my son is a college student & an athlete & I found that white girls were attracted to him in high school & college. I love genuine people but it has dug deep to my heart. I want a girl to love him for him not his athletic ability. But I believe also found that for black girls… He had to be cool, hip & with game but he is who he is. I would rather him date someone that resembles his moma… “a strong, black, beautiful queen.” The same characteristics his grandmothers posess & be proud of it. I am seeing more black men choosing white woman. Not white men choosing black woman. I just hope it’s all genuine because if its not… It won’t last. Russell, I pray your lasts.

  27. Not Impressed

    I really don’t have much against those who date & marry out of their race just as long as they are classy about it. Don’t go around putting down your race trying to justify why you are with someone out of your race. Just keep it classy and don’t put others down. God isn’t against it so I can’t be either. Wilson’s lady was with him from the beginning(even though she looks kinda of greedy but maybe that’s me)so they have something to really build a solid marriage on. Unless she dropped back into his life when she knew he was getting drafted in the NFL. In any case it their problem all the best to them. Not all of these black athletes are married to white women and other races. Some people need to get a grip. Seriously.

  28. Not Impressed

    I’ll bet guys like Mark Sanchez, Chris, Riley Cooper, Eric Decker, Trent Edwards even has beens like David Carr & Kyle Boller could easily bed & discard these white chicks fooling around with with these black athletes. I’ll bet Wilson’s & Tate’s women are probably lusting after Colin Kaepernick. Just a thought. These black guys come off like a bunch of Othello’s waiting to go insane when their white women get tired of them.

  29. Mer

    What if he was gay and dating a WHITE man?!?
    WHO CARES???? Are you going home with them at the end of the day??? Didn’t think so.

  30. Sleuth

    The Seahawks announced via Twitter that Russell filed for Divorce. That’s sad to hear and I hope they settle things amicably.

  31. Jarmicheal Wiggins

    Black women are ridiculous. They give Black men nothing but grief and games and then when we get some wits and are awakened to our value with other women(not just White but Mexican too)then they get all butthurt. Bitch, y’all had your chance! Seriously. Learn how to treat a man. There’s a ton of fine Black women out there…but in looks only. Their attitude is unbearable.

  32. GrammyR

    She turned out to be a real gold. Digger and cheater. I feel bad for Russell Wilson.He is the perfect buying you have a . Young religious daughter who an handle the lime light.

  33. susan

    Everyone is blaming the divorce on Tate? What about Aston? She is the one that is married! Or should I say divorced. And if Wilson party’s a little that doesn’t mean he’s a bad Christion. How many of us helps young people be happy ?

  34. Misselle

    You people talking about what you think you know about God are uneducated about The Bible. God does not want us to mix with other races. It is written. God is for the Hebrews and their descendants who are the children of Jacob who God later renamed Israel. The Bible tells us that these people were all shades of brown. Jesus Christ was dark brown and we are His children. People who don’t read The Bible don’t know. I do and I know The Truth. That marriage was not God-blessed and was forbidden. It wasn’t supposed to last!


    How many of these women really love these men for themselves and not their money or “future money?”

  36. Rayzor

    I just want a hamburger and I’m a patriot fan anyways fuck the seagulls lol * munch munch munch…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ :D

  37. Rayzor

    And misselle shut the fuck up with your perfectionist think you above us fake prophet bull shit had nothing to do with the story we reading. At least my last post had Seahawks in it

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