Russell Wilson’s wife Ashton Wilson (Divorce Announced)


  1. Jarmicheal Wiggins

    Black women are ridiculous. They give Black men nothing but grief and games and then when we get some wits and are awakened to our value with other women(not just White but Mexican too)then they get all butthurt. Bitch, y’all had your chance! Seriously. Learn how to treat a man. There’s a ton of fine Black women out there…but in looks only. Their attitude is unbearable.

  2. GrammyR

    She turned out to be a real gold. Digger and cheater. I feel bad for Russell Wilson.He is the perfect buying you have a . Young religious daughter who an handle the lime light.

  3. susan

    Everyone is blaming the divorce on Tate? What about Aston? She is the one that is married! Or should I say divorced. And if Wilson party’s a little that doesn’t mean he’s a bad Christion. How many of us helps young people be happy ?

  4. Misselle

    You people talking about what you think you know about God are uneducated about The Bible. God does not want us to mix with other races. It is written. God is for the Hebrews and their descendants who are the children of Jacob who God later renamed Israel. The Bible tells us that these people were all shades of brown. Jesus Christ was dark brown and we are His children. People who don’t read The Bible don’t know. I do and I know The Truth. That marriage was not God-blessed and was forbidden. It wasn’t supposed to last!


    How many of these women really love these men for themselves and not their money or “future money?”

  6. Rayzor

    I just want a hamburger and I’m a patriot fan anyways fuck the seagulls lol * munch munch munch…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ :D

  7. Rayzor

    And misselle shut the fuck up with your perfectionist think you above us fake prophet bull shit had nothing to do with the story we reading. At least my last post had Seahawks in it

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