Percy Harvin’s girlfriend Janine Williams


  1. M.Gibson

    You go girl. Black Girls rock. You have a keeper. Keep doing what you are doing to stay together as a couple. Love endures all. Be blessed. Congrats! On the Seahawks big win on Sunday.

  2. Not Impressed

    She looks athletic thought she’d be a track star. She’s an educated woman so why is she having a child out of wedlock? Why not wait to get married? Sonja Richards Ross & Aaron Ross are my favorite football player + athlete couple. Some of these guys better try to catch some of those women’s tennis players & those Olympian ladies athletes if they want upgrades in wife material. But then these women of the world athletes are likely a bit too sophisticated & driven for football players. NFL players tend to like college sweet hearts, round the way girls, strippers, bikini & playboy models and porn stars.

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