Jim Harbaugh’s ex-wife Miah Harbaugh


  1. Kim

    Miss you & the kids, Miah! I’m back in Orlando teaching again!
    Love, “Kim-Kim” or “im-im” as Jimmy used to say! :) Take Care!

  2. matt

    I was reading the article.. You are in my prayers, you , your children and family and friends, God Bless you, may God Bless You with Joy and Peace.. and for Jim Peace also..

  3. Audrey

    It is not easy being married and, to live in the limelight is twice as hard. I have been married for 61 years and it has been as normal as any marriage can be.
    You both must not keep doubts and blames on yourselves and others. Sometimes it just happens, so have no regrets. Be happy, God Bless you both.

  4. Jeff Sutter

    I’m not sure what you guys agreed on with regards to the children, but we live in Brighton, MI (20 minutes North of Ann Arbor) and Michigan is a nice place to raise a family. I’ve heard Jim is a hard guy to know, so I applaud you not wanting to take your struggles with him into the media. You seem like a good mom and I’m sure Jim has acknowledged that. Good luck to you!

  5. I shot

    I photographed their wedding at the Hilton Waikoloa in 1996… They were an awesome looking couple together … They eloped btw…. Sad they’re divocred

  6. Hugh muner

    Go Blue. Great articles greatest foitball families evet. Works hard liks Beaver buildnf bridges wherever he goes.

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