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Jim Harbaugh's ex-wife Miah Harbaugh



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Jim Harbaugh and wife Miah Harbaugh were divorced in 2006 while Jim was coaching at the University of San Diego. They have three children together: sons Jay and James, and daughter, Grace. Miah and the children live in Coronado, CA while Jim has moved on. We covered Jim Harbaugh's new wife Sarah Harbaugh extensively as well.

Though the strains of high level coaching are rumored to be the culprit for splitting up the marriage, Miah acknowledges there was simply no other career path for her husband Jim Harbaugh. "It's his family and what his dad did. It's in his blood. He lives football. He loves the game. He had to have some way to stay in."

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  1. Kim

    Miss you & the kids, Miah! I'm back in Orlando teaching again!
    Love, "Kim-Kim" or "im-im" as Jimmy used to say! :) Take Care!

  2. vastie

    He's nuts you know!! And so is his brother

  3. matt

    I was reading the article.. You are in my prayers, you , your children and family and friends, God Bless you, may God Bless You with Joy and Peace.. and for Jim Peace also..

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