06/11/14 (Updated)

Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh


UPDATE 06/11/2014: Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh has a message.

Please stop the dad pants.

Sarah Harbaugh recorded the hilarious PSA for Dockers and the video has since exploded online. We've included the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Relationships are quirky, and can spring out of nowhere. For example, Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh (formerly Sarah Feuerborn) met the then University of San Diego head coach in the parking lot of a PF Chang's in 2006, just months before Harbaugh jetted to Stanford for their head coaching gig. Sarah was still living in Las Vegas, and Jim Harbaugh was recently divorced from ex-wife Miah. They were married January 5, 2008. Jim has three children from a previous marriage, sons Jay and James, and daughter, Grace. The couple has three children together, daughters Addison and Katherine, and a newborn son.

There's no dispute that despite three kids in a short few years, Sarah Harbaugh has put herself back together nicely. And Jim Harbaugh is not shy when it comes to showing off his hot wife. In a November, 2009 tweet, he posted a picture of Sarah with the caption of, "My beautiful bride, Sarah, the reigning 'Hottest head coach's wife in the Pac-10.'"

As proud as Jim is of his wife, Sarah, the former Stanford head coach also loved him some Andrew Luck:

"I was thinking just the other night that two people in my life, my wife and our quarterback, Andrew Luck, have a lot in common in that they're just both perfect. With most people you say, 'If they only didn't do that. Or they didn't do this.' Or you wish they could do this, or you wish they could do that. But I don't do that with my wife Sarah or Andrew Luck. They are just absolutely perfect the way they are. For football coach that's pretty great -- to have a great wife and a great quarterback."

As we mentioned, Jim Harbaugh's first wife, Miah Harbaugh split from the coach in 2006 (presumably before the PF Chang's meeting with Sarah). Without speculation, Miah offered a unique glimpse into Jim's career path when she offered up:

"It's his family and what his dad did. It's in his blood. He lives football. He loves the game. He had to have some way to stay in."

Apropos of nothing, but always worth a viewing,... we need to remind you all that Jim Harbaugh was once on Saved By the Bell.... but it was on The New Class, so it doesn't really count. It's the old analogy, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If Jim Harbaugh hacks up a cheesy appearance on Saved By The Bell The New Class, did it ever really happen?

As we mentioned above here's the Sarah Harbaugh PSA - Enjoy!!

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13 Responses to “Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh”

  1. Terry

    Hi Sarah. Want to wish you and Jim well in the upcoming Super Bowl. But---------------not to well. I leave in Lancaster Co Pa but was born outside Baltimore and am a die hard Ravens fan. Still good luck. You guys make a great couple.

  2. Kevin

    Hey Sarah, I've read some articles about how you can't defend Jim's terrible pants on the sidelines. Ha! You might want to try out TrunkClub.com, they fed ex you great high quality pants(and other clothes) . My stylist Lindsay M. is awesome.

  3. Elfriede Beaver

    Sarah, I'm not a Niners fan but a sports fanatic. Into NFL for years. Married to a coach for a few years. I DO WISH YOU THE BEST SARAH. Just a small piece of advice . . . charismatic men take us totally away. I fell in love so totally and unconditionally. After a few years of charming, funny, attentive . . . it became CONTROLLING!!!! I don't know you Sarah, but a friend advised me a few years ago . . . "ALWAYS LEAVE A WAY OUT FOR YOURSELF." I took that advice.
    Take care Sarah!

  4. Tom Schiff

    Yo Sarah. My wife feels the same way and I have new pants in the closet I have never worn but love the old/faithful/well worn Khakis, usually favoring shorts though down here in SD. I look for buys all the time in the various stores - especially post Xmas.

    Best to Jim - who may remember me from our/his USD days. He knew my wife Libby who was the head of fundraising for the Toreros - and I also was friends with former neighbor Parker Hipp and his teammate Tyler Gaffney - from Cathedral Catholic hs - the Dons.

    Six? years ago - saw Jim at a baseball game at Petco Park - when I was witting with Tiffany - Tyler's mom - and pointed out a left handed QB from St. Augustine/Saints - who as a soph - was playing a baseball game at San Diego's Petco Park - v. Cathedral Catholic and Parker and Tyler - in a special hs game at Petco.

    Not very long thereafter - it was announced this whiz kid/soph from St. Augustine would be attending Stanford. :)

    Tom and Libby Schiff in San Diego

  5. DTNCA

    Sarah, I love you and Jim. Huge 49ers fan since 1975 when my dad took me to my first 49ers game as an early birthday present. Please use your powers to keep Jim in santa Clara. No more moving around with those 3 little kids. You guys are the first Family of the 49er Faithful along with Jed & danielle. We love you guys! Please stay for a long time & best of luck

  6. Liz Hughes

    Hi Sarah.Im a huge fan of your Husband and the team.I have grown up watching the 49ers and Im Faithful to my team no matter if they win or lose.I hope he doesnt leave San Francisco.He is a good coach and he gets my team pumped up and ready to go every week.His team needs him as much as he needs them.I will be very sad if he leaves San Francisco.Please stay.in San Francisco Jim.They are my team and you are my favorite coach.Please stay.Thank You!!!

  7. Bobby

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE JIM TAKE THE MICHIGAN JOB, PLEASE! He is what we need, big time. Bo would tell him to come home!

  8. Bettine

    Hi Sarah,

    Loved the Dockers piece. Keep up the good work! I'm a 72 year old long-suffering Bears fanand have been a season ticket holder for 41 years! We're dying out here. Pleeeese consider coming back to the Bears. We need you here---a coach with passion and intelligence!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family!

  9. John

    Been a Michigan fan since the early 60's. UM needs Jim as HC. It is a shame what condition the UM football program is in currently. If JJH can't fix it, I don't see anyone else on the horizon that can.

    Good Luck Sarah and Jim and Merry Christmas!

  10. John


  11. Mike

    Yes, Jim and Sarah - please come home to 'Michigan'. No one will ever have more love and knowledge of your history, life's lessons, and tradition that are steeped in integrity and love for the game than your fellow 'M' brethren. God bless and have a wonder Christmas and holiday season. Go Blue!!

  12. Joe

    I am 64 and an avid OSU alumn.......glad Jim is moving back to that school up north...they need a native buckeye !

  13. barb

    I loved my husband throughp

    thick and thin of coaching. stopping after the basketball games were over, so we could get married, This was in 1968,We make what eer arrarngements were mae,

    get it cleard so they could paffoo[[[[[ppoooolkkjhjkl;;.;pppppp;;

    them we'd go home and get thenseason