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Is Colin Kaepernick's Girlfriend J. Marie Maestre or Aurelia Houston?

UPDATE: 01/31/2013: In the biggest understatement to ever be written on this site, Colin Kaepernick has been a popular topic of conversation among commenters and emailers lately.

Between learning more about the fate of ex girlfriend Corban Fennell, and the emergence of his biological mother, we've heard a lot from the Kaepernick army. After launching this post about the rumors of his new girlfriend J. Marie Maestre, we've been inundated with conflicting information. Some are under the impression the two are together, while one astute reader pointed out that there may be another woman in the picture.

Our reader pointed out that one of Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend's from the past may not be so much the past. The reader informed us that a woman named Aurelia Houston dated Kaepernick back in his college days at Nevada, and the couple stays in touch. After reading through some of Aurelia's tweets, it's clear that she's still in regular contact with the Kaepernick family. We'll keep an eye on this to see if she winds up in NOLA celebrating or sorrowing with the rest of the Kaepernick's, and if so, we'll have our answer.

Till then,... let's just take another look at J. Marie!

Wow. While we can't say that we're surprised that Super Bowl bound QB Colin Kaepernick dumped former girlfriend Corban Fennell - but we're at least a bit surprised as to how quickly he did it. And how well he did for himself in the process. It's funny how winning can upgrade your life. Obviously Kaepernick is far more popular now than he was a few months ago, but the level of woman that he can pull in now has obviously increased immensely.

You want evidence? Check out the new woman rumored to hold the title of Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend: model J. Marie Maestre. Obviously a huge upgrade. His celebrity has actually increased hers as well, evidenced by the fact that her Twitter account was recently changed to inactive. Lucky for you, and for us, that we've got some photos from it to show off. Check 'em out and just pray that she makes an appearance at the big game in a few days.

As for J. Marie Maestre herself, here's what we know. She grew up in Concord, CA and graduated from Clayton Valley Highschool in 2006. She's a young buck born in 1986 and just turned 26. She's obvioulsy a model and currently lives in, big surprise, San Francisco. Check her our at her website officialjmarie.com.

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13 Responses to “Is Colin Kaepernick's Girlfriend J. Marie Maestre or Aurelia Houston?”

  1. Madison

    She is NOT his girlfriend! He barely knows this chick. DOn't know how this rumour started.

  2. George Washington

    Upgrade? Sez who? I guess if you want your girlfriend to look like a hooker.

  3. liz

    Jmarie lives in Las Vegas. I don't believe she is dating him sounds like a made up story!

  4. [...] Since the 49ers Super Bowl quarterback split up with his long-time girlfriend in 2012, rumors have been swirling whether he has a new girlfriend or is going stag these days. You can read our earlier reporting on Corban Fennel here, but that messy breakup begs the big question. Now websites are reporting conflicting information that one of these two women is the new squeeze. Read more details here. [...]

  5. CB

    That isn't a successful upgrade. She looks like a call girl. Hello, where is the class?

  6. Mo

    I dont ever remember Kaepernick having UNLV days...
    Gets yo facts right!

  7. shar

    IMO She looks like a bimbo. He can definitely do better than this.

  8. Ariella

    Uhm...upgrade? That's disgusting. Bigger (fake) boobs does not qualify as an upgrade. From normal girl to gold digging, dumb bimbo. Yeah, huge upgrade.

  9. Rina

    That girl is so freaking ugly she belongs back on the streets where she came from selling her body!!!

  10. mattza

    Lol @ all these haters. I bet most of these comments are from His ex girlfriend using a fake profile. Lmaoooo. And if you've seen his ex gf, J. Marie is definitely a HUGE GIGANTIC updraft from that ugly ass lil girl.

  11. Doctor Evil

    It is not Jmarie.Little fucker need go back to the streets to date a cardboard box.

  12. mommajoyce#1

    PLEASE say it "aint" SO!!! It look like Kap's mistakes OFF the field is MUCH WORSE than the ones on the field!!!

  13. mommajoyce#1

    After looking at those girls....I FEEL LIKE SCRATCING....lol!!! I HOPE they DO NOT belong to Kap!!!!!