Is Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend J. Marie Maestre or Aurelia Houston?


  1. Aurelia Houston or J.Marie Maestre: Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend a Riddle (Photos) » Right Entertainment

    […] Since the 49ers Super Bowl quarterback split up with his long-time girlfriend in 2012, rumors have been swirling whether he has a new girlfriend or is going stag these days. You can read our earlier reporting on Corban Fennel here, but that messy breakup begs the big question. Now websites are reporting conflicting information that one of these two women is the new squeeze. Read more details here. […]

  2. Ariella

    Uhm…upgrade? That’s disgusting. Bigger (fake) boobs does not qualify as an upgrade. From normal girl to gold digging, dumb bimbo. Yeah, huge upgrade.

  3. mattza

    Lol @ all these haters. I bet most of these comments are from His ex girlfriend using a fake profile. Lmaoooo. And if you’ve seen his ex gf, J. Marie is definitely a HUGE GIGANTIC updraft from that ugly ass lil girl.

  4. mommajoyce#1

    PLEASE say it “aint” SO!!! It look like Kap’s mistakes OFF the field is MUCH WORSE than the ones on the field!!!

  5. tiff

    He’s 100% single ladies get over it . Wish he could want a women like me . I’d sure love to read the Lord’s scriptures off his body .

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