Colin Kaepernick’s Adopted and Biological Parents


  1. reggie

    thats typical of some when god bless someone who takes the time to love and raise a child to be a man or women he or she that gives them up always want to be noticed when they didn’t do a dam thing to get them where they are in there new life god bless the the adoptive parents.

  2. Fw

    Soften your heart! Walk in the shoes of the birth mom. Easy for you to judge the hardest decision she ever had to make in her life. Could you love your son enough to give him to a good family so he could have a father in his life? She wanted the best for Colin. Imagine the pain she lives with by not seeing her son! Go see her Colin!!

  3. STACY

    Mother will long for her child, famous or not. The hardest & in alot of cases, most unselfish thing you can do, is give your baby best life possible. At 16 I gave birth & though he stayed in the family & it has been 20 yrs, I still have pain. You never know someones sitiation or Gods plan. If she’d selfishly kept him, his quality of life would never be near as good, she knew that. I’ve seen too many unfit parents keep children in terrible situation, that just keeps a cycle of dysfunction going. Cant have it both ways. Birth mothers damned if she gives up her child, as a babe, and damned if she keeps him & is too young or unfit. IK typical response ” well i did it, she should’ve” Everybodys NOT you. Dont look down on someone unless your helping them up. I vlntr @SF Juvenile Detention. Ive seen the affects of unfit mothers selfishly keeping children. ( not claiming his maternal mother was unfit at all). Its always the woman who bears shame, ya know, he had a bio-dad too!
    Collin should do whats right for Collin

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