04/11/13 (Updated)

Colin Kaepernick's Adopted and Biological Parents

During Colin Kaepernick's rocket to the top of the NFL heap, we've learned a lot about him on and off the field. We've all heard about him writing a letter saying he would be the QB of the San Francisco 49ers, and that he's been involved in a turbulent relationship with a scorned ex girlfriend since taking over the starting QB job. However, another interesting angle on the Colin Kaepernick story is his childhood. Colin Kaepernick's biological parents put him up for adoption as an infant and he was raised by adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick in the Milwaukee, WI area. Kaepernick who is of mixed race apparently never knew his biological parents,...... until now.

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, Colin Kaepernick's biological mother wants to meet her super-stud king of the NFL genetic son. As a 19 year old woman, Heidi Russo gave up Kaepernick for adoption knowing she couldn't adequately care for him. However, in recent months, she has increased her efforts to meet her son. Russo currently lives with two sons in Colorado and gave an interview to the Denver Fox affiliate. Russo said that she attempted to reach Kaepernick while he was at the University of Nevada, though never made contact. Russo elaborates that she knows that Colin got the best upbringing possible:

"I knew I couldn’t have provided my son the kind of life he deserved when I became pregnant. I had him for about six weeks before putting him up for adoption, and what a blessing it was to have Teresa and Rick Kaepernick be able to step up and raise Colin."

We'll be interested to see if this story develops, because it's an interesting angle to a week Ray Lewis seems motivated to keep focused on him. More to come here...

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3 Responses to “Colin Kaepernick's Adopted and Biological Parents”

  1. tam

    leave ray lewis alone. he has nothing to do with this story.

  2. reggie

    thats typical of some when god bless someone who takes the time to love and raise a child to be a man or women he or she that gives them up always want to be noticed when they didn't do a dam thing to get them where they are in there new life god bless the the adoptive parents.

  3. Fw

    Soften your heart! Walk in the shoes of the birth mom. Easy for you to judge the hardest decision she ever had to make in her life. Could you love your son enough to give him to a good family so he could have a father in his life? She wanted the best for Colin. Imagine the pain she lives with by not seeing her son! Go see her Colin!!