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Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Corban Fennell

UPDATE: 01/15/2013: We told you we weren't entirely sure of their status, and we had good reason to think so. It appears Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Corban Fennell is no longer his girlfriend. The couple apparently split in late 2012, which coincides nicely to his ascension to the national spotlight since taking over the 49ers. The most commonly repeated rumor online suggests that Kaepernick broke up with his girlfriend a week after his first NFL start.
With that, an angry ex girlfriend Corban Fennell took to Twitter and spoke her mind:

"You want groupies rather than a true honest person hmmm interesting"

"Been waiting for a good reason to go there finally got one then see that I’m not appreciated there’s someone who is clearly more important"

"Least ill save $200-300 on not going there not to mention the other 2gifts lol smh"

"How is it that I haven’t been with no one else since him…a whole damn year almost smh if you knew the situation us know how sad it is smh" - 12/04/2012

If the 49ers go on to a super Bowl win, don't be shocked to hear more from Colin Kaepernick's ex girlfriend.... and if she talks, we'll be listening.

So we’ll be entirely honest – not 100% sure about that status of Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend. That being said, we have evidence of there being one, though whether she’s current or past, well… you’ll have to be the judge of that.

Kaepernick’s course so far in the NFL has been an interesting one. Drafted in the 2nd round by the 49ers in 2010, he was seen as the next promising option at QB. San Fran fans hoped he would be the franchise’s next great QB. The man he would replace was Alex Smith. Smith was a former #1 overall pick who had failed to excel in anything that a quarterback should. However, in a shocking turn of events, Smith turned things around in 2011 and led the 49ers to a 13-3 record, with their season ending with a loss in the NFC Championship to eventual Super Bowl Winners, the New York Giants.

Despite all this, the 49ers organization pursued Peyton Manning in the offseason, ultimately “passing." They stuck with Smith, who again proved he might actually have figured things out as San Fran marched to a 6-2 record before suffering a concussion. Enter stage left, Colin Kaepernick to the rescue. He proceeded to dismantle the daunting Bears defense and outpace the Saints offense. Thus, a new leader was crowned. Of course as these things never go smoothly; San Fran just lost to the lowly Rams and Smith is healthy, and unhappy on the bench, while a full-blown QB controversy has been ignited.

Someone who may (or may not) also be going through this is Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend Corban. There are a lot of rumors and pictures which would suggest they were a couple at some point, and definitely not too long ago. She lives in the Bay Area, and might actually be living with Kaepernick. However, Corban also has references on her Twitter page that things aren’t quite as they seem, using the hashtag #friends in a picture of the two.

If any readers out there know the official scoop, let us know. We’ll post any updates as we find them.

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15 Responses to “Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Corban Fennell”

  1. Kenny

    I hear they have been together for a year.She lives in the Bay Area. Last week Colin attended her sister's send forth party in the Bay. have family in San Jose and have seen them together a lot. They work out together and she is doing her masters at just 23. I think she is a little insecure about his sudden fame hence the funny tweets but Colin is a nice guy.So unless he dumped her this week.I think they are together but Colin is a private person that's all.

  2. Leslie

    Pretty girl.

  3. Cyrus49ers

    She looks exotic like a mixture of Asian and Black.Cute couple.

  4. Maya the Oracle

    She is so beautiful. I want to say it would be wise to just stay in prayer because the media and people gossip and talk .Blessings to Colin and his girl. I am praying for them because the world is dealing with so much pain and suffering and they have nothing better to do but stay in the lives of other people.I am a spiritual counselorI can help anyone who needs it.Acouple that prays together stays together.follow your heart and get out of your mind.

  5. Anonymous

    he talks to so many girls on twitter. lol lets be real people. let the man enjoy his youth.

  6. Chuck

    Hey Corban...get back to me and let's get together...let him spread his wings and meanwhile I'll show you how a real man treats his lady.


  7. Kim

    1st off...I love the kid, as player with that said if these articles are true, I'm very disappointed in him...he'll learn like Magic did. The new model chick this website shows supposedly says is the new girl is a typical overrated pretty face...only advice he should be careful. Corban was there...he should learn from Patrick Willis his teammate. Trust a true lady, not one that only sees your fame. As the coward, Anonymous stated he's "young", but that has nothing to do with morality & wise choices. He shouldn't claim to bring God glory & make a choice like this one God isn't pleased...The Lord giveth & he taketh away...sorry anonymous...he should be truly careful. But as they say with silly young men, young dumb & full of ...(you fill in the Blank) regret one day will set in...he'll learn.

  8. Madison

    That isn't his girlfriend. Do people fact check anymore for goodness sakes?

  9. lol@myswaqq

    Umm you guys need to leave him alone cuz he is so sexy and she dosent deserve him anyways n im gkad he dumped her..>3 i love you guys

  10. chole

    Colin kapernick is a nice cute guy and he will get along with me and plus I'm a fan of 49ers go niners

  11. yvette

    Hey I'm a fan of niners too colin kapernick is a sweet cute guy some day if I get to see him I would ask him do u like to go out sometimes to colin kapernick

  12. yvette

    Hey I'm a fan of niners to colin kapernick is a sweet cute guy if I see him I would ask if he wants to go out sometimes

  13. Kells


  14. Eve

    Gorgeous couple...

  15. Inchant

    Let him go, men of his nature is hung up on looks right now, he will not be famous for long. When he comes back begging smile and walk away with no harsh words he will be crushed.