Ahmad Bradshaw’s girlfriend Jessica Marcus: The PlayerWives.com Interview


  1. amanda o

    jess so when are you guys getting married? you have such a long relationship together and two kids, why not tie the knot and make it official? get him to make an honest woman out of you! dont let him just run around going to all of these clubs hanging out with girls while you are home taking care of his kids!

  2. shannon

    love the bible referance she made! and why hasnt she adressed the ahmad bradshaw sucks forum? wheres angelinas comment to this? or will that be adressed in her own interview???????????? ;)

    Genesis 1:26
    Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

  3. donavan p


  4. Liberty Rauls

    Oh My lovely friend Jess, looks like you have fans! Lol I really wish people put as much effort and attention to their own lives while they are worried about other peoples lives. Who are these people on here to question the way you live and how you live within your family? I’m sure they are not Jesus so please keep it moving while we will continue to pray for people like you all that have nothing better to do then to judge and envy another human being trying to live their life. Love you girl, I had to say something lol. Oh and you can reply to me if you would like so I know exactly who to pray for ; ) ))))

  5. Liberty Rauls

    Alyssa if you could actually read which you probably can’t because I can guess what your good at, you would have grasped the fact that the ages they started dating was 14 and 16! So what money??? Ummm I’m sure your a fan so you probably know when he actually came into the money. So I guess if my friend was there for the money she must have saw the far future. You don’t know her so stay in your place and get a life!

  6. Valentina

    Liberty you claiming to be Danny.W b/m! What are you doing on other player’s wives and girlfriends sites?..Like you said, people and you should mind their own business. If you was a true friend to this girl you wouldn’t come on sites like these and post comments to create more drama!! Worry about your own dirty loundry before you try cleaning up someone else’s. That’s how you represent Danny?? No bueno! Tacky as hell. Danny needs to put you in check. I’m pretty sure Ahmad don’t want you in his business either.

  7. Alyssa

    Liberty, I said to STAY around the money. Never said implied that he had money when they started dating. And clearly your friend has bigger problems than my comments according to what the people above ^^ are saying. And NO, I’m not a Giants fan, so you’re wrong there.

  8. Andrew

    he def wasn’t wifed up at tiki bar ths past mothers day wknd whoever put those pics up caused a mess huh.

  9. brit

    omfg how nasty but yet not surprising tho!!!! he got kids who 1 day will goodle him an see his infedelities so sad ths was on twinitor the second u type his name: Ahmad Bradshaw just pulled up to my job gettin out the back seat with a chick pulling his pants up. #swerve
    11:58pm – 25 Jun 12

  10. s.k.

    he prolly was just in ac for Angelina pivarnick bithday she celebrated there that night and word is he always seen at Places shes at 46 louge or tiki if it’s not her he’s all up on its a angelina wanabe. but I agree that twinitor site has put him on full blast he don’t care about a reputation of being a womanizer he worth millions but also has millions of kids. deuces.

  11. Brittany

    Are you talking about Angela brinks that use to do escort?
    Before she was selling her stripper leggings on line.
    The same woman telling everyone she is 28 but in real life 37. She had but implant, lip implant, boob implant
    and a minie face lift.
    Ahmad wouldn’t want nothing to do with that fake, old

  12. Ben Ross

    Why are u people trying 2 hurt this mother and her kids? One day those kids will read your insults toward their mama and their father!!1 You people don’t step into the shoes of those parents! Words can hurt and can leave emotional damage for all of her family? Did she bother any of you, your kids, say bad things to any of you? People WHY HURT JM and her KIDS? Shame on ALL of you! What goes around comes around?

  13. FlowerBomb

    Why are you coming on here just to stir up drama??
    I haven’t read anything bad on here about a mother that you referring to as JM!!
    This is Ahmad’s Brdshaws blog. And most of the comments are from girlfriends he dates or has been dating. Girls are entitled to leave comment about him! Or their relationship with him!
    Didn’t JM do that also?
    This kind of things come with every athletes category!!
    Especially a young single athlete as Ahmad:)
    I also believe there is way more baby mothers of his beside the one you referring to as JM!
    As far as his kids that you also mentioned, he is a great father to all of them as I see!!
    His cravings for women have nothing to do with this topic!!
    His kids also will grow up and understand that daddy never married mommy
    But his love for them never changed!!
    As most of us grew up and learned that!!

  14. Rico

    I lived across the street from Ahmad as a kid. His family didn’t have much money. Jessica is not with him for his money. Its true love if you ask me. And very few thought Ahmad would turn out as successful as his did. Stop hating.

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