Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor


  1. Jon

    Former Stripper……..NEVER woulda guessed it by looking at her :-)

    Like MOST Black women – she probably weighs MORE than her man – Cam. It’s one thing to have a booty – it’s another when your Booty has its own Area Code. If she is preggo she will NEVER be less than 2-Bills on the Scale

    Cam – you got money and fame so….WHY! Go get some hot piece of ass not someone with a massive ass

  2. Mike Hunt

    This is more or less a response directed at Jon who commented previously. Hey Jon, why do you think this woman is fat? What is wrong with you? She isn’t fat at all, in fact, she looks great. (If she didnt she wouldnt be modeling) Sure, she isnt small, but that is ok. I hope that you aren’t serious, Jon, because that is extremely shallow and can extremely hurt someones feelings if you hold and say such opinions in real life.

  3. Ahinjel

    LOL @ “Jon”, most likely another hater, AND might I add a racist. “MOST” Black women? Soooo..what, to be attractive you have to weight less than that gram of crack your smoking on? B’c lemmie tell you somethin “bro”, there ain’t a DAMN thing wrong w/this female. She’s black, beautiful, and on the arm of one of NFL’s most amazing QB’s. I think when you said:

    Cam – you got money and fame so….WHY! Go get some hot piece of ass not someone with a massive ass –

    What you REALLY wanted to say was…”Go find a skinny white bitch with a flat ass and big tit’s”

    You are a sorry excuse for a piece of human trash if I’ve ever read a post by one. And THATS being nice. To even ATTEMPT to ridicule someone over their body proportions, and stress skin color? Effin hicktard…

  4. cj

    @Football fangirl….ive known hazel my whole life and I can honestly say shes not with Cam for money shes always had plenty of that..So if shes with Cam it has nothing to do with his wealth, Hazel lived a celebrity life style before him..

  5. Dominique


  6. Amanda

    @Dominique, just b/c she’s a stripper doesn’t mean she has no self-respect! You never know what situations have led to her choice to be a stripper. From what little I’ve read, it sounds like she was making a lot of money and has allowed her to establish herself outside the world of stripping. While money isn’t everything, if she’s happy with her choice I don’t think we should judge. Honestly, while some (maybe most) strippers and prostitutes may be weak, I think there are a few who are strong women who made their decisions based on practicality and possibly necessity. I can respect any woman who makes decisions that enable her to live on her own two feet than rely on a man, THE man, or any combination of the two. Get ’em, Hazel! And good luck to you and Cam!!

  7. tiffany clark

    why does every black woman have to be another statistic? like really you dont know her so dont judge her. you never know mayne it was her only way of surviving. so stop hating! hazel keep yout head up ignore da haters n let them be ur motivators

  8. Will

    I may sound racist for saying this, but at least she’s black. There are far too many black athletes who, in my opinion because of an inferiority complex, date and marry white women. Thanks Cam!

  9. Rile

    I think anytime you have to display your body to the public, you are lacking some self respect for yourself and yes Will, kudos to Cam too for her being a Black woman because the Black girls don’t get a chance; the White men have White women and the Black ones do too. I don’t know this young lady’s story and yes, we all have one, but I hope she has more going for her than showing off her body for any reason because she’s very attractive. I just hate that this society is so shallow and in order to get anywhere you have to have a big booty and flash it all over the place.

  10. Christina

    Jon, it’s so common for white women to be built like 12-year old boys. It fits the taste of their pedophile white boyfriends. If assless and boobless is your style go for it, it doesn’t mean that all men have to.

  11. Christina

    Btw, Kate Upton looks fatter than Justin Verlander. She still manages to have no ass and wide waistline. And the way you play up those saggy tits is ridiculous.

  12. EZ Rawlins

    If Tito Ortiz, Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods can date P0RN ACTRESSES, then why can’t Newton date a former stripper? The double standard Black women face is ridiculous. Could he have dated someone else? Of courser – but so too could have Wes Welker (wife is a knifed-up Hooters model) and the various ballplayers married to former Playboy playmates, etc.

  13. Lynn

    Can’t believe that you people believe she is a model. What agency would hire her with that ugly azz tattoo? Check out various videos all over the Internet and decide for yourself. All she does is follow Cam around…she spends more time with him than she does her own child. I am surprised he is flaunting an uneducated/stripper/gold digger around. Classless!

  14. Shannell

    It is not our place to decide her worth as a woman…or her appropriateness for relations with Cam! While I am glad that he is dating a thick, black woman…the short and tall of it is that if she holds him down in a way that he finds satisfactory, she is GOOD enough!! There is often more to people than what we “see” and pretend to “know”…

  15. Shalanda

    It don’t matter if he’s with a thick, beautiful, black woman, a thick, beautiful, white woman, or a twig bitch. What matters is he is happy. He does deserve better than an ex stripper though, but it’s not my place to judge, and he seems very happy. So grow up and just be happy for the amazing man.

  16. Jennice Blankenship

    Too many JUDGEMENTS. And JUDGEMENTS only hinder yourself since who are you to judge others.

    To Hazel: whatever choices you made in life is between you and God. Looks may be on the outside but come from within. Color is transparent.

    To Cam: words are just that, only words. Most important is to do what comes from the heart. People talk but that matters none because they will talk when you are gone anyway.

  17. Ellen

    “It don’t matter if he’s with a thick, beautiful, black woman, a thick, beautiful, white woman, or a twig bitch. What matters is he is happy. He does deserve better than an ex stripper though, but it’s not my place to judge, and he seems very happy. So grow up and just be happy for the amazing man.”

    “He does deserve better than an ex stripper though, but it’s not my place to judge”
    Guess what Shalanda?? YOU DID JUDGE HIM!!……….

  18. wayne helton

    All Strippers Are NOT Prostitutes. Where Else Can They Make That Kind Of Money. I give Cam A BIG ATTA-BOY !!!!!!!!

  19. delphine

    Who cares about who he wraps his arms around, all this is a waste of energy so get a life…it’s what he does for the children and the community; now go chat and use your energy and time on doing something positive. Let’s see you make a difference.

  20. Conan

    I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Racists, bigots, haters! WTF, you are all idiots. Cam is a grown azz man and can make his own decisions. He doesn’t have to please your sorry ass. Really, idiots, you disgust me.

  21. Sad

    This is so sad. I know his parents are disappointed. He can do much better. Look for someone with a education not a gold digger. GOOD LUCK

  22. Drew

    It didn’t take long to grow tired of looking at her old stripper photos. Her butt looks flappy, flubby, and disgusting. I felt sorry for her. I guess it’s part of the culture nowadays, that stripping is acceptable employment. But, being that Cam is from a wholesome family background, he’s going to have to groom her, change her, or, eventually marry her. Right now I think he’s too young for marriage and he should wait. But definitely do not get pushed into marriage, because she may not be the one after all. Time will tell for sure!

  23. Vet Mom

    So Cam got the rookie rich man handbook. You must chase a light skinned, blonde or Hispanic chick??? He sounds so illiterate I’m not surprised. My former buckeye student athlete told me they never wanted dumb athletes but the strippers and gold diggers love them!! I remember years ago Cam sent a friend request to my collegiate record holder hahahaha

  24. Adria

    You’ll need to stop hating on Cam and Kia. Some strippers are more professional that corporate America. It is a profession, and all dancers aren’t working outside the club. I’m glad he has found happiness, plus Everyone has a past! You’ll should be praising KIA, that prego cat about to get use a Superbowl ring!!!!!

  25. Hannah

    I am happy, because she is a black woman. I am tired of white woman using our professional black men. White women are nothing else but surrogate mother to professional black men. The white women will pretend they love and care for them, they will marry them, give them two or three children leave them and marry a white man. They became their bank account for life. They have to pay child support for their children. Black brothers need to wake up and smell the coffee. You need a women who looks like white take a Spanish women. Go to Brazil, Columbia etc. They will take very good care of you.

  26. Cheryl Bennett

    Cam is smart, I’d rather you be like Will Smith, Denzel, or Samuel Jackson, with your soulmate, than end up like Tiger. You made the right decision. Congrats!

  27. Woody Wadsworth

    Bytch is fine. Haterz gonna hate. Playerz gonna play. Ballerz gonna ball. Get off a niggaz nutz!!! And I’m out!

  28. A Fan2

    When you sit and talk about people, you’re allowing them to rent space in your mind, when you should be focused on your own issues!!!!!

  29. nikki

    To Jon THE Moron With THE First Comment About Her Size. .Really. she has a nice body and her butt isn’t that big…U must like really skinny Chics that have no ass and have a body of a teenager which u may like. .LOL..YOUR AN IDIOT…….OF COURSE YOUR LOOKS R NO BETTER I’m sure…GET A LIFE..NONE OF US PERFECT AND SHE IS NO DIFFERENT THAN ALL THE OTHER BALLER WIVES WHO HAVEN’T BEEN DOWN SINCE DAY 1…JUST MET AND MARRIED. .WHO GIVES A CRAP… NOW THROW IN KIM KARDASHIAN AND KHLOE KARDASHIAN HAD AN AFFAIR WITH CAM NOW THAT IS NEWS!!!!!! LOL…

  30. AJ

    I’m happy for Cam. I think she is beautiful. Most black women are thick and have big butts . That’s what the average man likes anyway. So many haters. Just be happy for them and pray that they have a long life together . We all have a past, and though you may not have stripped, I’m sure it’s other things that you may have done. I’m glad that she’s no longer stripping, maybe she’s getting her life on track. Just because she was a stripper doesn’t make her a gold digger or a bad person.

  31. CJ

    Whatever! This girl( Kia) is very beautiful and looks like a nice person. Don’t be so judgmental. Stripping isn’t illegal and if she’s good to Cam then who cares? Really, get over it. I hope Cam is happy and in love. I hope he stays with her forever and makes many more precious babies because this man can afford it. No dead beat dad news here. Cam doesn’t appear to be anything less than happy, so be happy for him. Many people have done a lot worse than Miss Kia, at least she’s honest about her jobs. Also, she has nothing to prove to anyone. I also bet she is an excellent mommy. Jealous bunch of folks out there. It hurts my heart to think she might read some of this crap. Really, think about it. Everything we write will be on the net forever so we all need to be a little more kind and a little less judgemental. ❤️❤️❤️My Panthers!





  34. Fnomnal

    He doesn’t NEED an “educated” woman. He just needs someone who can make him happy. I’m sure that there are many “educated” gold-diggers as well so what does that mean? Cam is very smart and knows that he can CHOOSE from millions. The fact that he CHOSE her means that she had something that more than all the other women who shamelessly throw themselves at him. He can be as shallow or in-depth as he likes–it’s his business. Besides, who doesn’t want an attractive mate?
    If you think that all strippers are gold-diggers or lack intelligence, you probably also think that ALL white people are racist and ALL black people love watermelon….

  35. Karen Davis

    Unbelievable!!! I’ve been a Cam Newton fan for many years. He went to high school not far from where I live now, went to Auburn which I’ve been a TIGER for over 30 yrs and then he went to Carolina, my home state. Cam plays the game with energy and enthusiasm. How he had excited the Panther community and all football fans is awesome!! So you may not care for Kia’s past profession but I’m sure there are things in all our pasts that people could comment on but if she makes him happy then who is anyone to judge? I’m sorry I didn’t realize so many people lived in glass houses!!

  36. Sableangelica


    Im shocked shes black–!!
    Black men like white meat.

    Before u start haten—
    Thats not shade but math.
    Biracial kids
    The most beautiful…
    Arent they?

    A white chick

  37. Guest Star

    Fnomnal is right – there’s no guarantee that an educated woman WOULDN’T be a gold-digger or that a former stripper automatically IS one. How long should she pay for the ‘sins’ of her past? Kanye can marry a woman with sex tapes, multiple marriages and relationships, etc., but Cam can’t be with a former stripper? If stripping is so low-brow the let’s outlaw stripping!

  38. Joan Johnson

    #1 panthers fan. Why no pictures of Kia & Cam with Chosen or her daughter? Is Cam sure he is “Chosen’s dad or does Kia “Choose” him to be his dad since she has a daughter by another man? Pictures would be nice for the big celebration since Cam loves a camera. Son should be like his father!

  39. Meforeal

    Sableangelica you sound like an idiot. No, not all bi-racial children are beautiful. Just lastnight I saw some Eddie Monster looking bi-racial children that had a big superdome fore head black daddy and a white mom that looked like a white version of Madea.

    Now, you have me sounding like an idiot….

  40. Nina

    When one fall I’m love it’s indeed a connection that one can’t explain. She is super gorgeous. Who cares who he.chose to love.

  41. Ernie

    There’s only one thing I don’t understand – and this doesn’t apply to just Cam.

    Why do so many young people today decide to have a child BEFORE they marry? And then, of course, some of them never marry but just go their separate ways.

    Not a Racist. Just don’t understand!

  42. rebecca

    i dont see her as attractive…yikes….everyone is different…(of course I’m how would i know) its sad to me that our society does still have children out of wedlock and live together without marriage. I’m sorry bc i really like cam newton and the panthers..and I’m not predjudice and it can happen to even white or chinese or anyone..but it does see that many in the african american community seem to go down this path almost without exception.. i would have expected more out of cam newton..considering his abilities..and education. i dont believe in living together. i wish he would have tired harder to break the cycle and be above this. just as i would expect white or chinese or any other ethnic group (especially if talented..with education and ability) to be above the culture in our society that seems to think its okay just to live with someone…im sorry but to me it is never normal..or acceptable…just because everyone else is doing it. we should all have more respect for ourselves.. and she should have more respect for herself than to be with him without being married.

  43. Charla1atl

    No need to marry anyone these days., just because both wanted to have a baby…marriage is good only when ready. I think ladies can have baby when ever they ready and the time is right, married or not. The question is why do so many men have babies when not married?

  44. chris

    It trips me out as you look through the media how once again you can’t be critical of any black person or immediately they start whining “racist”. HE comes out with racist comments and yet the media supports him and carries water for him. America is so stupid. I had respect for his play for a minute but now to me he’s just another whiny black punk like the rest.

  45. Beverly Briscoe

    A lot of wealthy athletes are just foolish. They don’t get it, although it is seen almost daily. Many women latch on to them, have a baby, and they are set for life financially. Although it’s not just wealthy athletes. There are many women who scout out men who are basically “good, nice” men, to just take care of them….this is seen almost daily also. I’m sure there are men who may do the same thing. This is just my take on the situation, because I’ve seen it happen too often.

  46. okcam

    Wow! I love you Camp
    But for you to go and fall in love with a stripper. She really did her job well to get you and then get a baby too. You could have probably had any really decent female celebrity to shine by your side. I understand your age but we see which head you were thinking with..Now she’s posting three quarters nude.Yes beautiful young lady and nice body, Hopefully h=r modeling won’t embarrass you or little Chosen in the future. I’m disappointed in your choice but it your choice with a beautiful blessing. Let’s hope the past don’t haunt and ruin. Good luck in your future. I still love you. #1


    My opinion is this, 1st and foremost,
    We all have our opinions. ..and we all know what we refer to them as ….
    ‘An opinion is like an a**hole, we all have them’.
    2nd; I’m a STEELERS FAN myself, I just think, to each his own. Ms. Kia, may be the most sweetest, honest woman ever, and because of her Pryor employment, Ms. Kia is being judge, stereo typed ,whatever you want to call it. If Cam is happy, Ms. Kia is happy, who are we (as in the other people who left comments )
    To throw stones? Worry about your own glass house , before you throw rocks at someone else’s. Signed as,
    A Nurse, employed by a hospital in Ca.

  48. TayTay

    If you are a stripping female and ran into a 100 Million dollar contract…..uhh you would come off that pole and settle down too. What ever her reason for stripping was is irrelevant today. Obviously she was the Chosen One for Cam. It was a security move on her behalf but look on the bright side…he Chose her not the other way around. So Mutual Benefits for both parties. Be happy and Be Marry The Newton Family

  49. SassyRN

    Please…. doesn’t matter if she or he is black, white, if she’s big butt or flat chested. Fact… he’s successful and wealthy, young and stupid! She’s a “successful ” stripper?!?! It’s a story older than time!! Sit back and watch this show. 2 kids = income for life when this “love” affair hits the skids. She’s no dummy?

  50. Guest Star

    Such harsh comments for this woman.

    There is NO GUARANTEE that Cam would’ve found eternal happiness marrying an educated woman, a professional, blah blah blah. None. Better to marry the PERSON you’re happy with than marry a profession or a degree. And you folks making the ‘gold-digger’ comments: Are you suggesting that ONLY STRIPPERS are gold diggers? Give me a break!

  51. Augustus McRae

    Man it’s funny reading some of these comments. One girl says hooray for the stripper because she is just being a strong woman who isn’t relying on a “man” or the “man”. Nope she is relying on A LOT of men, in fact many different ones each and every night FOR TIPS IF SHE IS LUCKY after grinding her body against them. Way better than say having a husband that treats you respectfully. Just what every parent dreams of for their daughters, YOU GO GIRL!

    Then a few say you don’t know her or why she is stripping. Nope I don’t know her personally but I do know several strippers and EVERY SINGLE one of them admit they are stripping because THEY LIKE THE MONEY. Their not gold diggers because they can’t find a wealthy man willing to sleep with them. They laugh about these ignorant stories the media has helped create that they tell people like: I just needed college tuition as if their are not millions of people who work regular jobs to make it through college. Or I am a single mom who had to make ends meet, again all single moms don’t strip. Another favorite of theirs is my dad left and my mother was a (insert any drug or alcohol) addict so I had to raise my 4 siblings and stripping was my only choice like their aren’t any assistance programs that are passing entitlements out like candy on Halloween. I could go on and on but the truth is their attractive young ladies who don’t want to put in the time to make the desired amount of money they need to live a certain lifestyle so they take their clothes of for money unfortunately it is a slippery slope and with either more money being offered they continue to push their moral limits until they hit rock bottom and are spit out the rear end of the porn industry addicted to crack at the age of 30 looking like a really old 75 year old.

    Oh and one of the funniest was the guy saying she doesn’t need Cam’s money because she is already living a “Celebrity Lifestyle.” That one really made me laugh, yeah you see a whole lot of millionaire strippers don’t you? So basically she just loved old nasty guys shoving money into her underwear so much she pretty much just does it for fun kind of like me with golf? And you also say in this comment she is so smart and sweet and beautiful… Yeah this really makes a lot of sense she is like a female Einstein mixed with Mother Teresa and Princess Diana who is so sweet she strips in her freetime sort of as her charity to smelly, sad, old perverts. Got it…

  52. Bebe

    Her name is Shakia..i went to Parkdale High School in Riverdale MD with her…she was popular but wasnt a mean girl and we took gymnastics together…i was kinda disappointed when i saw her at the strip club cuz I felt it was too easy for her too use her beauty and body to make money…she was about family but now when i see her pics she dont look happy…no pics fr wit her and seem like he dont wanna marry her..just make babies😱..the sad part is if she was with a regular working dude she’d be married by now…that life aint all its cracked up to be..i wish her the best

  53. Six of Clubs

    Used to like this guy but now…how do you drop 4 kids on a woman without marrying her and then impregnate ANOTHER woman with ‘golddigger’ stamped across her head? Is this fool crazy? 5 kids? No regard for the kids’ social/emotional well-being nor regard for the effect that 5 kids will have on his wallet?

    Can’t believe how these athletes fall for the same ish time nd time again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Unbelievable.

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