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Jamaal Charles' wife Whitney Golden Charles

Jamaal Charles wife Whitney Golden Charles is well taken care of.

Besides being married to one of the most electric backs in the NFL, Jamaal goes out of his way to take care of her. For her birthday in 2011, Jamaal bought a private table at XS in the Encore in Vegas and presented her with a gourmet chocolate cake.

While most think that being the wife of one of the faces of the league means a wild and lavish life, the Charles family actually enjoys a quiet life off the field. Whitney and Jamaal have two children, daughters Makaila Jae and Makenzie. The entire family is involved in the "Youth Matters" Family Foundation where Jamaal hosts a free two-day football camp for local kids of all ages. The camp has various pros across the league come serve as instructors.

Jamaal and Whitney Charles were close friends with Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins prior to the murder-suicide from 2012. Kasandra Perkins and Whitney were first cousins, and Jamaal knew her since 8th grade. Jamaal and Whitney were the ones to introduce Belcher and Perkins to one another before they started dating. Charles told the Kansas City Star how much that has impacted his family:

"Man, not just Jovan, but … (Perkins) was a sister to me, and she’s like a sister to my wife, so it’s hard. At the same time, my wife still is getting through those tough days. And thinking about her, she cries still. But we’ve got to just start over again. You’ve got to just bring all of the memories you had with her. And since she’s not here any more, you’ve still got to continue to … just bring all the memories with you that she (created) when she was alive.”

Whitney Charles sister, Sophie Perkins, was awarded custody of Zoey, the infant daughter of Belcher and Perkins.

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    ummm... i am too amused at this. i have been dating JC for three years. we have an open relationship. please take this down. she is not his girlfriend. he used to come to vegas a lot because i lived there. hes a nice guy. he does those type of things to the chicks he is screwing. i have never heard of her so i know she is not a regular.

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    This was Jamaal's girlfriend and the only girl he ever introduced to his family as his girlfriend and they now have a little girl. So VEGAS SYTD somewhere.

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    He is actually married to Whitney so what that tell you....here's a seat _/

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    You should feel real stupid....Whitney is a very beautiful young lady, and in the end it shows, guess what she's the one and only MRS. JAMAL CHARLES. Get your life right, chic...

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    do your thing jamal good luck on this year season proud of u keep up tha good work

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    its a lot of hater out there

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    God Bless you and your family Mrs.Charles, and I wish you and your family a lifetime together full of success, joy, and love, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!