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Andrew Luck's girlfriend Nicole Pechanec

UPDATE 08/31/2014: When we first looked into Andrew Luck's girlfriend Nicole Pechanec in 2011, we realized that life as a Heisman Trophy finalist was pretty good. The Stanford senior was deep into dating a beautiful gymnast, and the world was his oyster.

Unfortunately, we've seen it time and again, that the fame of college cannot compete with the fame and riches of the NFL, so we decided to check in again. After finishing second in the Heisman voting, going #1 overall, and launching Indy into a promising position going forward with the best young QB in the league, what has changed for Andrew Luck's dating life?

Absolutely nothing.

Luck, the man of habit and creature (who still carries a flip phone), has stayed true to girlfriend Nicole Pechanec while he takes over the league. Things are still going strong, and Pechanec has become a regular on the Colts Wives & Girlfriend front.

With these two together this long, it's only a matter of time. We'll check in again soon to see if Nicole is rocking a rock on her ring finger.

Andrew Luck's girlfriend Nicole Pechanec is a senior gymnast at Stanford from Phillipsburg, NJ. Her mother was a member of the Czech national gymnastics team, and her father sailed competitively for a number of countries. Pechanec was a member of the Czech World Champion teams in 2006 and 2007, while finishing 2nd on her team overall in the 2010 World Championships.

It's pretty easy to assume that a Heisman trophy candidate like Stanford's Andrew Luck would have his choice of any woman on campus. And if it's true that Luck had his choice of any woman on campus, what's more fitting than choosing a Czech national champion gymnast in Nicole Pechanec.

Now there's admittedly very little on the Andrew Luck and Nicole Pechanec being an item, though one article from Off The Bench (of NBC Sports), clearly points to them being together. The article describes that Luck participated in a Stanford University sponsored sleep experiment at the behest of his girlfriend Pehanec, and two other students.

As for the couple's current status, we can't accurately speak to it. The article from Off The Bench is almost a year old, and the study took place in 2009. There's admittedly no further confirmation that the two are together, though there's also absolutely nothing else to suggest that the two aren't together. Any info, let us know.

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14 Responses to “Andrew Luck's girlfriend Nicole Pechanec”

  1. George C.

    Surely a typo that Nicole Pechanec is at "USC". She of course attended, and graduated by now from Stanford. And all indications are she and Andrew Luck are still together.

  2. thinds

    Thanks, George... Nice catch

  3. Go Colts

    Luck confirmed here on local tv that their living together in a downtown Indy condo,

  4. Linda

    She moved to Indy with him they live in his condo and she secured a job at an Indy archeretial firm She is a member of the colts wives and girlfriends group as published in the Indianapolis star newspaper.

  5. Jon

    WOW! By far his best accomplishment. She is drop-dead gorgeous and seeing her in Pic #3 and how flexible she is I can only imagine what a great time she would be for sex. Way to go Andrew! You are one LUCKy guy

  6. aj peters

    Tell luck IM his number one fan

  7. George

    Luck didn't win the Heisman even though he was a finalist twice. You might recall a certain quarterback from Baylor won it, during Luck's last year at Stanford.

  8. sara

    all these football players like the high class women why is that I don't understand why they like them ?

  9. sara

    Luck is definitely still with Nicole. Her linked in says she works at a gym in Indianapolis.Prob going to get married soon.

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