Arian Foster’s wife Romina Reinhart


  1. Aajeedh

    Great post Lonnie. I agree that foster did not matiainn possession through the catch. But we have been told for years that the instant the ball crosses the goal line, it is a Touchdown, and whatever happens a split second after that is irrelevant, because the play ends when the ball crosses the line. This was the explanation used when Lance Moore Caught a 2point conversion in the Super Bowl. Even though he dropped the ball when he hit the ground, officials ruled that the play ended the second the ball crossed the goal line, and it didn’t matter what happened after that because the play was already over. It was very similar to this call in that he caught the ball, moved the ball over the goal line and then dropped it after it had already crossed the goal line. The way the officials are calling plays these days I dont know which one is right, but they were very similar plays with different rulings, so one of the two plays was a blown call. I remember there was A LOT of explanation on why the Lance Moore Catch was ruled a catch, even thought he dropped the ball when he hit the ground.

  2. scott follis

    hello romina, and hope you are in good spirits, and health. congrats to your marriage. upon seeing arian on tv this morning talking about becoming a vegan, and how that might create some nutrient deficiencies, i thought i would introduce you, and arian to a moringa tree product made from zija international, it is the most nutritious plant on the planet known to man. It has all the daily nutrients,anitoxidants, anti inflammatory, been known to control high blood pressure, arthritis, blood sugars, etc. please research this product at I am a distributor of the product it is used by olympic teams, evander holyfield, nkl players, athletes in general, it is all natural leaf from a tree, ground into a powder (xm+ zija powder) and tastes good. if you have any questions please dont hesitate to call. something like zija is what arian needs. or just go to to see videos, testimonials, or to order he product. Have a great day!

  3. efraín amaya

    Arian do speak Spanish because your is Mexican American? Country is you wife from or her she Spanish or not.

  4. petra zepeda

    hello romina. wow just read the article and it was great. what was weird is that i too was born in pforzheim. we moved to houston when i was seven bu still have many memories of pforzheim. i would love to hear from you. thank you, petra

  5. gen

    Your an awesome and beautiful women….don’t let this trial and tribulation ruin what you have.or.change who you are. Stand by your husband if you truly love and feel his forgiveness but if u feel you can not stay then you have to do whats right for your children. God will ALWAYS take care of the rest ….just keep the prayer

  6. j a sassy

    What a trashy woman.. messing with a married man and naming the baby after a club they met in,, huh.. and they have the nerve to talk the names black women name their kids..she is a ghetoo trashy wh0re and black men need to wake the h up… and white women you think you are better than blk women.. you get treated the same or worse..all that for blk sex and the blk mans money and your biracial mutt baby.

  7. Rese

    LOL! Now J a Sassy You know when we do anything its ghetto but when they do it its fresh and new. Think about a black woman and a white woman with piercing and burgundy hair and the perceptions of them. Just like if a white woman is a stripper vs a black woman. Or about the butt and when we had it it was too big. They have it and it’s desirable. When they get tans or wear weave, its nothing. We get a weave, its just too much. And Arian’s trophy wife this bitch got a Jay Leno twin and ugly as hell. Just like the chick he knocked up, but I guess they both beating black women because of the color of their skin. He getting what he deserves.

  8. Beach Bum

    So she was with him BEFORE his NFL success (and apparently helped him land in the right spot). Gotta give her props for that. Can’t knock her multi-lingual hustle, either. As for Arian: dumb@ss! Risking so much for the pleasure of unprotected sex – NO consideration for his future. And then trying to convince the sidechick to have an abortion – Idiot! The baby is the meal ticket – the REASON for unprotected sex! Arian, Paul George and the rest of the simple-minded ‘brothas’ will keep paying exorbitant ransoms until they finally realize that these hoes care more about NFL money than they do NFL (Black) men.

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