Arian Foster’s Girlfriend Brittany Norwood


  1. Jon

    She is U-G-A-L-E-E-E-E. Her face looks a lot older than 20 and she ain’t hot at all. No clue what Arian saw in her

  2. Doe

    I cannot believe this is going on. First of all she was an escort just like her mom.(Dana Norwood,Dana Johnson or Dana Elliot) she just got married so her name changed again don’t know this victim’s last name currently. She is horrible for doing this and Arian is horrible for calling her. This is ridiculous a lot of people with money think they can do this legalized hooking up called “escorts” but it is not right it just another way of saying “prostitution.” How is this legal!! They are saying “wait till his wife finds out.”But she has been knowing way before the story came out!! She has no backbone just like Hillary Clinton and was staying with him cause she don’t want to lose the paycheck. I feel sorry for Arian kids currently and the one on the way.

  3. eyes!!

    She is a gold-digger!!!! she is very ugly!!!!, and she really wants him to leave his wife and be with her listen how she replies on her interview how its hard for her to go to ultrasounds with no one with you. Yeah, any single mother knows its hard, but you put yourself in situations. she knew that man was married she just want easy money seeking out men with money. Well that comes with consequences hunnie. You make your bed now lie in it, since she seems to do that for a living. As far as Arian he has to suffer the consequences of messing with trash over a good woman that has obviously had his back from the beginning.

  4. Hungwood

    I don’t know what the hell Jon is looking at but Brittany is HOT! but then again so is his wife which goes to show that he is a douche bag. He probably has screwed dozens more like most single athletes do every couple of weeks. Marriage means nothing now anyway with same sex marriages and all the other bs out there. Let him screw whoever he wants like everyone else does, get a divorce and move on.

  5. BullsOnParade

    Come on now, how can you blame Foster. I wouldn’t pull out either, that’s a fine snowbunny I’m surprised Foster was the first one to scoop her up

  6. Skylie

    Hater u know what shes not ugly at all but only haters r gonna say shes ugly cuz there uglier and it takes 2 to for this kind of crap 2 happen and about the goldigger thing its a halloween costume get over it and his wife knew long ago..

  7. shana

    To the idiot that refers to their self as “DOE”… If you personally knew who the mother was,you would know that her name is not Dana, It’s Danna, so if your going to talk shit on someone at least get the name right!!! Furthermore, you have no clue what you are talking about. I have been best friends with Brittany’s mom for over 30 years, the accusations you are making are not true. And if you personally knew Brittany, you would know that she is a beautiful girl inside and out. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but i’m here to tell everyone that she did not know Arian was married. This was not a one night stand people, this was a relationship that lasted for a year. Brittany fell in love with Arian, he was by her side up until he learned that she became pregnant with his child. So everyone needs to stop the negative comments, you are listening to the media and forming a opinion, unless you know the facts. there shouldn’t be anything said negative toward Brittany. i agree with Gary Don, she needs to hang it in his ass. Lets not forget the fact that he is married with 2 children, he was dishonest and lead Brittany on. He needs to step up and accept his son that he created. And lets talk about having a backbone “Doe”…. if you think you know the family that well and you have no problem with talking bad about them, then use your real name so we will know who you are!!!!But I’m guessing that you have NO back bone!!!!

  8. Amber

    To Shana:

    You are her Mom’s BF for over 30 years and you all knew this relationship was going for a year and NONE of you knew he was married with kids? NO ONE??? Do you all live under a rock – and at this point I am assuming the answer to that is a yes? This chick brings home a professional football player and NO ONE knows anything or even Google’s to see what he’s about? I’m not buying it! And funnily enough, you are accusing people of listening to the media, but you aren’t stating ANYTHING that hasn’t been said in the media already! If you’re so in the loop, maybe you should defend your little golddigger with some actual proof!

    He is most certainly not innocent here, and if he actually did this then he’s completely in the wrong, but I’m leaning heavily towards the fact that your little homewrecker knew EXACTLY what she was doing this entire time!

  9. truth

    Marry me, Amber. LOL. It is about time that someone told it EXACTLY how it is. Ms. Norwood deserves no sympathy whatsoever. Neither does Mr. Foster, but for her to lie down with him, and then commence to going on the news for sympathy and support? For what? Being a wh*re? Again, the football player is no better, and in my opinion, he deserves to pay for – and fully support – his out-of-wedlock child, and he deserves whatever repercussions that his legal wife chooses to send his way – including, but not limited to divorce plus child and spousal support. These two are both extraordinarily SELFISH. Everybody wants to have their cake and eat it too. It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny.

  10. AEM

    This is what’s wrong with the world. People are more caught up in pregnancy scandals than real issues today. Do any of you sleep better at night bashing Brittany or Arian? No one knows anything other than what has been posted on the internet or put on the news, including myself. I’ve never commented on something like this but I’m so tired of every one being so quick to judge these days. Just by pictures Brittany has posted on Instagram or tweets she has tweeted you people think you know her or know that she is a gold digger or call girl? Come on people!! You have never met this woman or her mother in your life. Do you honestly believe everything you read or hear?! If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes don’t say anything with your stupid mouth!!! Brittany may have known he was married with children or she may not have, regardless.. Who did know? Arian! He knew good and well that he had a wife and children at home. So there’s one main reason he’s a douche bag! Brittany is pregnant with his child regardless and he made his bed now he lays in it. No child should have to grow up without a father unless his father is dead. Which Arian isn’t. He’s here, capable of being a father. He needs to put his big boy panties on and stop usuing lame excuses like she’s usuing this pregnancy for fame and be a father to HIS child. Brittany has feelings, so all of you heartless bastards that apparently get pleasure and sleep better at night for calling this girl who has never done a damn thing to you personally, all of these names, need to turn off the computer screen and go deal with your own issues. Yes, before you morons say “what is that your doing then by posing on here” I was just reading about it and am so fed up with how people are treated these days. It’s a lot of what’s wrong with this world. Mind your business and remember people have feelings. You don’t understand a situation until you are put in it and have walked in their shoes. So in other words, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with you and you have no idea what it feels like to be in this situation so shut the hell up!

  11. Beach Bum

    Though I question this chick’s ‘Woe is me, I’m innocent and clueless’ stance, the true @SSHOLE in this situation is Arian! He deserves whatever financial penalty/misfortune comes his way.

    When will these dumb-@ss ‘brthas’ realize that sidechicks’ pregnancies – especially with white women – are NOT mistakes but are instead OBJECTIVES! These dudes continue to believe they are ‘all that’ until a pregnancy occurs and the girls laywer up (a la Paul George’s sidechick, Shawn Kemp’s sidechick, etc.). Yeah, the athletes are doing ‘better’ than they would with Black girls – but only if ‘better’ means paying MORE MONEY in child support!

  12. Valerie Wagner

    No adult in this situation is innocent or clueless. The problems a man and woman have happen way before infidelity. They chose, eyes open to behave as they did. The child is innocent, the parents must care for him/her; that is the only absolute here. Men need better birth-control options and restraint. Women rarely in this century get pregnant by accident; unless their naive or calculating. Blood tests are in order and maybe scissors for the reproductive organs.

  13. Hunter

    The mom and her two daughters are trained gold diggers one married a rich ass rodeo guy she probably cheats on, the mom refuses to accept shes almost 50 and wears skin tight clothes everywhere including the grocery store, its a family off sluts who chase money, the mom was for a fact at one time escorting in houston and when she comes home she always attaches herself with rich men to go to the casinos

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