06/24/12 (Updated)

Ryan Broyles fiancee Mary Beth Offenburger

Man, Ryan Broyles must be in love.

Many high profile college and professional athletes prefer to keep their relationship status under wraps as to not mess up their game on the road. For stud Oklahoma wideout Ryan Broyles, that's not the case. Broyles proposed to his longtime girlfriend in the fall of 2011, and immediately went to Twitter to announce to the world,

Just proposed to the love of my life! @1Mary_Beth !!!!!

In fairness, it does make sense for Broyles and Offenburger to publicly demonstrate their love for one another, as they are both extremely dedicated, and devout Christians. Mary Beth convinced Ryan to begin attending church every week, and the couple reads their bibles together frequently(the bibles were given as gifts to and from one another).
In an article on FoxSports.com, Ryan Broyles remarkable life and football turnaround were discussed. Broyles points specifically to a mission trip to earthquake ravaged Haiti as changing him forever, and finally committing to God and religion once and for all. He acknowledges curbing his late night partying, ending his swearing habit, divorcing himself from rap music, and incredibly enough,... ending his sex life with his girlfriend.

Fortunately for Broyles, he won't have to hold out too much longer, as the two will be married on November 20, 2012.

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6 Responses to “Ryan Broyles fiancee Mary Beth Offenburger”

  1. Nina

    If the girl is with a idiot i think it would be easy to steal the girl.You just have to be confidence and nomarl don't try to impress her or other things she has to like you not another person inside you if you know what i mean

  2. Columbo

    Where are her lips? It's creepy.

  3. Charity

    CORRECTION, Their wedding is today, 7/7/2012 <3 Congrats!!!

  4. Susan

    They are 1 of the most amazing, God fearing, happy couples I have ever seen! I am so happy there are role models out there like these 2! By the way, she is stunningly gorgeous! I pray for many blessings through their Marraige!

  5. Brianna Kensington

    They are by far my favorite couple of all times!!!!!!

  6. Big Pheezy

    Way to go Ryan! NCAA record baby.....loved watching you play for them Sooners, much success in the NFL...make US proud!