Jim Caldwell’s wife Cheryl Caldwell


  1. Kathryn M. Simmons

    Hi Cheryl:

    I just finished reading an article in the Wisconsin State Journal about you and your husband planning to do a documentary on Beloit African Americans. I’d really like to participate in this project.

    What I might be able to bring: I am a native of Beloit, attended Beloit schools and graduated in 1958. As an African American and a person who took pride in other Beloiters before me, I’ve been disturbed by the present-day impressions people draw about the city. I’d like to be part of changing that impression.

    Both sides of my family came to Beloit in the early 1900’s, i.e. 1914 and 1916. I also am deep into genealogy and have some facility in researching information. I also took an Oral History class just this past summer from UW-Madison . I am retired from the UW-Madison.

    I do hope you’ll seriously consider allowing me an opportunity to help with this project.

    Kathryn M. Simmons ( most people remember me as “Kay” Simmons)

  2. kendra lewis

    Always a pleasure serving you’ll in the Bahamas.Looking forward to seeing you’ll next year hope you enjoyed my husband poetry book.

  3. Brenda Buehl Harris

    Hi Cheryl,

    My name is Brenda Buehl Harris and I’m a ’75 BMHS grad. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, now, but am from Beloit. You looked familiar online and wondered what your maiden name is. Just curious. My cousin, Sheryl Voss, graduated with you as did my neighbor, Kathi Jentoft. I get excited to hear about anyone from Beloit and am sorry I didn’t realize until now that you graduated the year after I did and that you lived just up the road in Indy! It’s always nice to know someone from home. We’re just now watching the Ravens win…congrats to Jim! I was a court reporter in WI and traveled to Green Bay on occasion. Well, one of the attorneys there, Ken Bowman, played for the Packers in ’66-67 when they won and so I got to see his Superbowl ring. It was big…and heavy, too! Enjoy the moment.

    Kindest regards,

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