Tony Romo’s rumored one-time girlfriend Shayla Adrianna


  1. Bob

    It’s about time. This girl is all over the place with him. But, she isn’t a camera hog. She likes her privacy. Maybe we should respect that seeing as the Cowboys are winning right now and TOny is doing hte best ever. Good for them.

  2. Angela

    Shayla seems to be the only girl without an agenda. Unlike the singer and the wanna be tv host. There is zero pics of crawford with romo but lots of online hype. Shayla is a lady and a lady nevert talks! Catty, jealous blonds! This is tony’s time let it be.

  3. Green eye monster

    Oh, the packer comment definitely was in”good spirits” NOT! gimme a freaking break. Let the two be happy. Shayla is gorgeous and has a phd, she doesnt need the “exposure” so what is your point? She hides from the cameras. Someone at ed hardy leaked it, it isnt shayla’s fault. I see jealous blonds, acting catty here!!!

  4. anonymous

    OK so let me get this straight. Romo has a brunette in California & she just follows him to games & sits with his parents & she is gorgeous. So while she is sitting with his parents where is Candice sitting with his grandparents or vice a versa? This is some joke. Pray tell where is TONY taking these two ladies at different times of course on his off season? One gets to golf & the other what. Drive the golf cart? lol Does Shayla have a ring too. Pretty soon we will have a smaller Tiger version happening here. Candice stays down low & Shayla stays down low because they don’t want it public but then we have there really reaaly good friends that can’t keep there mouths shut. All seems like a scam to me & both women want attention & there not getting it. Lets see. NO pics then no couple. Anyone can post shit & say it’s real. Surely someone has something better then this.Someone likes to create drama & maybe both women are beards.

  5. Bev from the city

    Candice was put out there to divert from the real girl Tony is in love with, Miss Shayla Adrianna. Candice is no more than an acquaintance. Not only is Shayla beautiful, but very smart and caring and has her PHD. Beauty and brains…what a combination. Tony hit the jackpot. When you see him in Cali very shortly, you all will now know why…and its not for no Jessica Simpson wink wink.

  6. Shayla is hot

    Hater-ade, good one. Only Jessica Simpson could make so many grammatical errors and press send. She gives blonds a bad name. LOL Maybe that is why Tony has went to a hot brunette with a PhD. Could she be more pathetic? Jessica, You got dumped like Monday’s trash, move on. Shouldn’t you be stalking a Pumpkin about now? Who gives a shit who Tony Romo is dating besides you? And a beard could shave off about 10 pounds….you should look into that.

  7. Shayla is hot

    Anonymous: we know who you are and you are looking mighty blond right now. Oh yeah that is what you are known for. Not the smartest fish in the sea are ya?? (as you would say) Jealousy makes you even less attractive and adds 10 pounds.

  8. Just saying

    If you don’t care who Tony is dating then why start the blog? A little hypocritical arn’t we? lol
    I doubt Jessica has the time to or wants to follow this crap on line but you go ahead & think so. Now that truly is a blonde moment don’t you think?
    Tony is a major player & Shayla will get burned like many women have in that past & surely will in the future. If Shayla doesn’t then good on her but I’m thining some of you are smoking whacky tabacky.
    Oh I don’t hate TONY in the least but IM not nieve either.

  9. Asking????

    Where is TONY? Everyone is looking for him. He was to be at Pro Bowl Practice & he’s not. Austin, Wade & Witten making excuses for him. Is he in LA with

  10. sps

    As of, July 7, 2010, Tony Romo was at a Wal-Mart (near the Cowboy stadium) signing. I must say he is definitely a HOTTIE and has an AWESOME personality that fits him, you need to meet him if you haven’t yet. I’m a true COWBOY fan and more because of him. About the brown eyed brunette girl, HE CAN DO A LOTTTTTTTTTT BETTER, seriously.

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