Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford


  1. Greg

    If that is his girlfriend then who is the brunette model he has been chasing? She is an Ed Hardy model, from Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Shayla Adrianna and she is a 12!

  2. Bren

    cookie cutter girlfriends….all the same blonde hair brown eyes ….guys need to try something different from the usual blonde chick…………

  3. Barbie

    Shayla adrianna is romos brunette lucky charm. Huge boobs, brains and a hot body. Go get shayla, tony. U look amazing together and u look so happy!

  4. Gregory

    I saw the brunette and she is smokin’ hot. She sits with his grandparents at the home games. Big tatas, long dark hair, sexy lips and beautiful. Tony, Shayla is gorgeous keep that goodluck charm and take us to the super bowl!

  5. April

    Tony spends bank just getting shayla to each game. She is catholic, private and has phd from Georgewtown She looks like miss universe, tall, boobs, perfect face and long dark hair. Tony keep shayla she is sweet and super lucky, bro! Good for tony and the cowboys. superbowl bound and shayla is the bomb..

  6. Bob

    Now I know her name, Shayla. The luck she is giving the Cowboys is priceless. Let’s get her on the payroll. I saw her with his family on Sunday. WOW, this is good stuff why aren’t the tabloids ruining it like they do everything else? Go Tony and Shayla!

  7. anonymous

    NO Shayla never was.Who is starting this rumour now. Is there a Candice in his life. I heard Romo Homo was gay?

  8. glenn @ kristen Regmund

    We love Romo , My disable grandaughter is 3 and she thinks u are beautiful , she sign lauguage , she has a rare disease called degeorge syndrome , if possible can we get a signed shirt with romo , i can buy it , and she would love come see him one day at the new stadium , we used to et tickets to the old stadium all the time , my husband works for clint merchinson , with his new company , so dont hold that against us lol ….. you still have our support ….

    thanks again and hope not asking too much , hope god blesses ya !!!

    kristen regmund

  9. Sebastian of Baltimore

    Tony you the man. Good luck and have a happy marrie.Shayla u and Tony have a nice life together. I love those Cowboys. Cowboys 4 Life.And respect the star

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