Roy Williams’ ex-fiance Brooke Daniels


  1. Queezy

    White girls better looking???!!! For how long, they may look good in their early twenties if that. Wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles. crows feet!!! If you love someone it doesn’t matter the race but to say white women look better than black women. not a chance. that’s media munipulation!!!!!

  2. Jason

    Generalizations are goofy – the only true test is putting two different girls in front of a guy and seeing which one he’d prefer. (Although there’s quite a bit of variety on this ‘answer’ too, although there are some very clearly attractive girls that all men would prefer.)

    One thing that’s not debatable is that Brooke Daniels is fully hot, and few girls (of any race, her own or others) would be preferred to her head to head.

  3. T

    First thing she is white and second she is way too good looking for this American African so-called-Dallas professional player. It would of been a waste of a good woman, thank God she essentially dumped him. I think she would of even if he gone to her house on his knees. Say what you want……bigot, racist, whatever.

  4. victoria

    white women only looks good from 16-25 on average not all white women turned older it depends how they take care themselves..but when they do looked they make all the ethnic males weak at the knees all kinds of thoughts going through their mind what a tasty morsel they are…lol

  5. aberrant lawyer

    It is a shame she broke Roy’s heart. Roy gave her a $76k engagement ring so she has sex with him. Then, she won’t return the ring claiming ‘she lost it’. Later, she took the position in court that she ‘earned it’. Guess we know what profession she is really in. Roy is an excellent receiver and deserves better.

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