Jerry Jones’ Wife Gene Jones


  1. Dwight Clark

    Hey Gene: If U split from Jerry, Take the Cowboys football team w/U and put on a different coach like Rogetr Staubach for example, and Emmitt Dmith as well as Jimmy Johnson. In a small way re-unite the earlier team as coaches!

  2. Concernedperson

    Dear Gene

    Leave the Bum, you deserve better than this. Is this the thanks you get after all these years of putting up with him I have a close relative that went thru similar circumstances and I watched them go through so much grief and now they have moved on with their life and are much happier and they thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel but there is! stay strong

    Good Luck to You

  3. Dava

    I don’t know how you can STAND to live with such an egotistical jerk that is truly HATED by so many people. I wouldn’t trust him or put any belief in a word that came out of that of his. I’d take him to the cleaners, including taking the Cowboys, and LEAVE his pathetic ass to have so much — he is SUCH a loser.

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